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How Do I keep My Ducts Clean Every Time?

Many air conditioning and heating systems depend on ductwork. Air ducts are used by swamp coolers, furnaces, and refrigerated air units to move warm or cooled air throughout your house. Many homeowners are unaware that ductwork accumulates filthy substances like dust, pollen, bacteria, and many more. The buildup might go undiscovered for several years or even decades since it’s “out of sight, out of mind”! This could destroy your cooling and heating systems and be unhealthy for you or your family members.

Fortunately, technological advances have made it quite easy for experts to clean your ducts. In a matter of hours, years’ worth of filth and pet dander can be eliminated with Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning Melbourne. This blog will give you the appropriate knowledge that will help with long-term duct maintenance.

But how can I avoid having them become soiled in the first place?

You may take several steps to reduce the accumulation of debris inside your ductwork, such as dust and hair, and to help your cooling system last longer. Here are some easy methods to keep your ducts clean:

Maintain Regular Air Filter Changes

Your first line of defence against airborne particles is a straightforward air filter. Your air filter is simple to install and effectively captures larger particles like dust and hair. Every one to three months, depending on the density of the exhaust system, it may need to be changed. If changing your air filter makes you uncomfortable, TLC’s experts are pleased to assist. To make things even simpler, you can enrol in a preventive maintenance programme. According to a general rule, you have one month of use for every inch of filter thickness. For instance, you would need to replace a three-inch-thick filter every three months. Relatively high filters for your unit can also be suggested by the supplier of your cooling system. 

Keep the Dust Levels Low

A sizable amount of the air in your house is recycled by the HVAC system. You can avoid dust entering the ducting through the air supply used by the thermostat fan by periodically cleaning, sweeping, and dusting the interior rooms of your home. Use a vac with a wide ventilation system filter for best results. However, a HEPA-rated air filter is not required. For effective hard-surface dusting, use microfiber ponchos rather than conventional cloth kinds which may not catch particles.

Install an Indoor Air Quality System

Apart from regular Duct Cleaning, an indoor air quality (IAQ) system is one of the most effective ways to protect both your health and your air conditioning. Three major airborne contaminants are eliminated by an IAQ system, which also prevents them from moving throughout your home and gathering in your ductwork and other equipment. The pollutants include: Dust, pollen, dander, and hair are particulates. Bacteria, viruses, and biological substances are germs and infectious agents. Chemical Gases and Odors: Benzene, Formaldehyde, and Other Chemicals. IAQ is also known to reduce the incidence of colds and flu and alleviate allergy symptoms.

Maintain Open-Air Supply Vents

To ensure circulation through your ducts when the heating or cooling systems are running, keep all of your apartment’s air vents open. Closing particular vents may delay or interrupt the circulation in some areas of the system, which may lead to dust accumulation in those areas. To keep air flowing via the ducting below, try partially closing the air supply vents in one or even more rooms instead of completely closing them.

Reduce the Humidity Inside

After washing or bathing, use the bathroom exhaust fan to reduce the humidity in the room. When cooking, turn on the stovetop or kitchen ventilation system. Dust prefers to bond to the water vapour in the atmosphere, which makes it more likely to infiltrate the HVAC duct system.

Maintain your HVAC System Routinely

To keep your air ducts clean, have an HVAC expert evaluate and maintain your HVAC system once a year. Professional duct cleaning can do wonders to your system. Their professionals can inform you of any component or maintenance difficulty that can have an impact on your home’s duct system.

Eliminate Household Pests

You might also think about getting your house checked for pests that like to live in your ductwork. Other domestic pests, like spiders and rodents, also favour the pleasures of heating and cooling. They enjoy leaving a mess behind, which leads to unclean ducts. A pest management business can assist in solving the issue.

You can safeguard your HVAC system and your health by routinely cleaning your ducts and preventing debris from entering them in the first place. Ask Smart Duct Cleaning Melbourne’s skilled professional or make an appointment for Duct Cleaning Melbourne right away if you’re interested in learning more.