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How Deep Listening Will Boost Your Small Business


Released: Mar 20, 2023
by Small Company Radio Show
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While I understand that listening is a fundamental part of developing any relationship in service, I am undoubtedly poor at it. I am either not interested in what the speaker is stating or I am focused on what I will state next. I miss out on a lot given that this avoids me from listening to what is being stated and harms the efficiency of any discussion.

how deep listening will boost your small business

On the Small Company Radio Showmy visitor is Oscar Trimboli who is on a mission to develop 100 million Deep Listeners. He is an author and host of the Apple acclaimed podcast Deep Listening. He has actually spoken with over 100 of the most varied work environment listeners, consisting of air traffic controllers, deaf and foreign language interpreters, captive mediators, and spies as part of looking into first-rate listeners.

Here is what we went over as I listened to him in this extended interview:

What’s the expense of not listening at your small company every day and how it impacts the relationships with your consumers, staff members, and suppliers?

What Oscar has actually gained from his research study of over 10,000 office listeners and talking to over 100 of the world’s most varied listeners (and what they all share.).

Why we are configured to be sidetracked every day and what does the research study state about improving at eavesdroping every discussion that you have?

When it concerns listening, exists a gender distinction in between males and females? Does listening differ throughout cultures and where do Americans rank at the same time?

What is Oscar’s “Four Villains of Listening”, and what can you do to handle each of them?

What’s the distinction in between active listening and deep listening (and does it matter)?

What is Oscar’s “Five Levels of Listening”? (and the benefits of each)?

Listen to the whole prolonged interview with Oscar on The Small Business Radio Show

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