How Coffee Has Shaped the Business World

Business isn’t only a term confined to those who work in the tallest building of the CBD and wear a suit. Business is a part of all industries, even the creative ones who have worked hard to look as if they are a free-form collective. Business is what drives progress, development and pivotal momentum, especially when it is blended with the right elements. One such element is coffee, which has always been linked to the business work and has arguably shaped the way in which we conduct and approach our work. If you’re weighing up whether to buy coffee machines in Melbourne, where to host your next business meeting or simply hoping to keep your finger on the pulse and keeping up with trends – let’s review the ways coffee has shaped the modern business world.

Coffee has changed how we interact

Work looks a little different in 2020, and coffee is largely accountable for that shift. It’s all too common to have business meetings and even presentations held at a coffee shop or trendy cafe, casual is the new boardroom after all. This relaxed format allows businesses to choose a cafe concept that resonates with their unique brand, signalling to the client or customer about who they, are without having to labour the point through word or more presentation time. It also levels the playing field if you don’t have a swanky office to entertain within. By interacting in this format, business relationships can form more authentically, with the strength of a business relationship always serving both parties.

Benefits to the team dynamic 

It’s not uncommon for the day to start at a cafe for most workers or huddled around the office coffee machine getting that daily hit of caffeine and social interaction. This token habit has now become the standard format with teams having their morning meetings enjoying a coffee together. If you have new starters or a diverse team, you might find that coffee will assist the greater team dynamic and break down some barriers. With these cafes and coffee machines always a hive of activity, you will even see that different teams start to get to know one another even better, and this will foster collaboration and stronger workplace culture, which is what you should be striving for. 

Remote working is the future 

Even before the COVID-19, the business world has been hurtling toward a remote setup, as we now have the technology and trust to make this viable. Cafes have actually started to design their layout to accommodate corporates who are conducting their business in these environments, and coffee is the key pull that has seen this become a reality. With coffee machines becoming the basic standard in any office, it will be interesting to see coffee actually outlive the office itself. WeWork and other hot desking companies always have state of the art coffee machines scattered throughout the properties, and this is a huge selling point for workers and so are the desks that are in close proximity to the coffee.


Not too long ago we would have been content with a white or black coffee, and now we each have a favourite blend of beans, drink and milk preference, and some of us even require a certain coffee temperature. Coffee culture is developing at a fast rate, and so it’s no wonder that it’s so deeply ingrained with the business world. If you haven’t taken the time to consider how you can leverage this growing trend, speak to your colleagues and ask about their relationship with coffee and work and see if you can make some improvements that will get a greater output.