How Chiropractic Care Can Help Solve the Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis is a terrible outbreak. It poses a risk to hundreds of lives and destroys families. The word “opioid” represents the opium alkaloids, the compounds obtained from the poppy seed, and synthetically produced substances with the same characteristics that can interact with opioid receptors in the brain.

They are sometimes used as medicines because they possess chemicals that relax the overall body and alleviate pain. They can be just prescription drugs called painkillers, or they can be what is called street drugs, like heroin.

In the recent past, opioids have rapidly come into view as one of the most important means for controlling acute and chronic non‐cancerous complications. However, improper use of these drugs has raised, and the world is now in a state of war with this so-called “opioid epidemic.”

The most popular drugs responsible for prescription opioid overdose deaths are: Methadone, Oxycodone (i.e., OxyContin) and Hydrocodone (i.e., Vicodin), fentanyl, and morphine, etc

Side effects:

When these addictive medicines pass through your bloodstream and bind with opioid receptors in your brain cells, the cells send signals that strangle your feeling of pain and depression and reinforce your feeling of pleasure. All opioids have adverse side effects on the body, including respiratory problems (Shortness of breath), cough suppression, lowered intestinal motility, etc.

  • Overreliance — suffering from symptoms of withdrawal when the medication is stopped.
  • Increased reactivity to pain
  • Constipation
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Dry mouth
  • Feeling of sleepiness
  • Confusion and uncertainty
  • Depression or despondency
  • Low levels of testosterone can minimize the sex drive and energy(Sexual dysfunction)
  • Itching or scratching
  • Abnormal perspiration
  • Slowed heart rate
  • Unconsciousness

Hypersensitivity outcomes have also been observed in few cases after i.v. Injection.

The surprising fact about opioids:

In the overall world, almost 0.5 million deaths are due to drug use. Above 70% of these deaths are due to opioids, with more than 30% of those deaths resulted from its overdose. According to a recent WHO report, about 11,5 000 people passed away from opioid overdose in 2017.

How Chiropractic Care solves the opioid crisis:

What is Chiropractic Care? How can it help solve the opioid crisis? These are frequently asked questions. I am damn sure that even if you have heard of it, chances are your understanding is limited. Chiropractic is the process of natural healing mostly selected by those trying to get a natural treatment for acute and chronic health conditions.

Opioids are prescribed for back, neck, and shoulder pain — the same areas chiropractors target. Therefore, Chiropractic care can help solve the opioid crisis as it is drug-free therapy and is very beneficial for managing chronic neck, back, shoulder, or any other joint problem.

Chiropractic has proven itself a perfect solution for drug-free relief from bodily pains that provide you with improved clinical results and high patient contentment levels. In light of this, many recent studies have shown effective chiropractic care results in mitigating musculoskeletal pain symptoms in contrast to the use of opioids.

A study done in the JMPT in 2005 revealed that chiropractic care is five times more beneficial and favorable for relieving the pain than prescription opioids. The benefits last even after a year of treating the specific problem through the chiropractic adjustment.

It was observed that the decreasing level of pain noted instantly after being adjusted is not significantly due to the biochemistry/neurology modifications at the adjusted joint but are the result of stimulation of the pain inhibitory control system.

As a result, patients who find it advantageous to treat their pain may not turn back to habit-forming opioids. So it is the right time for all opioid users to replace such addictive prescription drugs with a drug-free therapy that pays special attention to their overall health.

How does it work?

Does chiropractic care help in pain management? Recent researches say yes, it can. This kind of non-invasive method requires the application of many joint manipulations done by a chiropractor’s gentle hands. It is not only limited to joint mobilizations and comprises other manual and massage therapies and instructions of proper therapeutic exercises. Chiropractic medicines are pre-planned for different problems, i.e., sudden injury, frequent headaches, chronic muscle pain, exhaustion and stress, or depression, not just back and neck pain.

Benefits of chiropractic care:

Chiropractic care is for everyone from young children to older people, and it helps to resolve a wide range of health problems.

  • Boost your immunity:

It can improve your immunity system. Researches show that chiropractic adjustments may stimulate a downregulating of unhealthy cytokines and improve antibodies’ functionality associated with the immune response. Patients suffering from low immunity can have the best treatment from Diamond Chiropractic center in Omaha.

  • Treat your severe headaches:

Chiropractic adjustment may help you if you are suffering from tension headaches. It is a familiar type of headache that ultimately leads to pain in the back of your head and neck.

  • Improves your mental health:

Stress can result in many conditions, i.e., anxiety, sleeplessness, dyspnea (Breathlessness), depression, stomach disorders, tiredness, and obesity or sometimes sudden weight loss, etc. Chiropractic care can help you eliminate this depression by mitigating your pain, improving your sleep, and all the above reasons. It boosts your neurological health, muscular endurance, and range of motion and provides you with more energy.

  • Helps you sleep better:

Chiropractic care identifies the underlying cause of the pain to prevent it from happening again. Eventually, being pain-free will surely lead to enjoy some good night’s sleep.

  • Treat shoulder and back pain:

Back pain is one of the most pervasive-and exhausting pains that people face. Many people go to a chiropractor about their back pain. Chiropractors can also treat inelasticity and pain in your shoulder (frozen shoulder syndrome).


Getting a chiropractic treatment can be the best way to improve your overall health with just one all-natural and drug-free treatment. The surgeries and heavy medications can be harmful, costly, less effective, and time-consuming processes. With a correct adjustment, you could easily handle your problems.