How Canned Wine is Changing the Way We Drink

Have you tried canned wine yet? If you have, then I don’t have to tell you how awesome it is. But if you’re new to this whole idea, you may be pleasantly surprised. Read on…

Really? Canned Wine?


Yes, at one time canned wine seemed questionable and was looked at as a cheap alternative in a convenient package. Not anymore. Over time something has happened. Things have seriously changed, and more and more people have come around to this hip new perception of wine drinking. According to Neilsen, sales of off-premise canned wine grew 79.2% in 2019 alone. The overall wine sales from the same time period grew only 1.4%! So, what’s going on?

Millennial Appeal

It seems that the canned wine market may have evolved in a similar way as the screw top market did, both becoming perfectly acceptable means of packaging wine. Millennials are a driving force in this matter, and here are some reasons why:

  1. Many of today’s young adults are more likely to drink wine than beer. Not having a lot of disposable income, these young adults are likely to be drawn to the more affordable wines in cans.
  2. Continuing with the more affordable concept, a can is a much smaller investment than a bottle, so they don’t have to commit to buying a whole bottle. And if they are new to wine drinking, they don’t have to be intimidated by a commitment to a full bottle of any one kind.
  3. Since they don’t have to purchase a whole bottle, they also don’t have to commit to drinking so much, as many millennials are keeping their drinking at moderate levels. This also means that there may be less waste than there would be with a can.
  4. Finally, aluminum is more likely to be recycled than glass bottles are, making the canned wine a much more environmentally friendly option.

Instant Gratification

But millennials are not the only ones loving this stuff. It appeals to all wine drinkers everywhere. Consider this: have you ever gone to pick up your favorite bottle of wine, heading out for a picnic or daytrip, just to find out later that you forgot the corkscrew? If you had brought canned wine instead, you’d be drinking your wine by now! Just one more reason to love canned wine. Here are yet some others:



The sheer convenience canned wine offers is immeasurable. If you’re into camping, hiking, or any other types of outdoor activities, it’ll be no problem to stow those cans in your backpack and off you go. That would be close to impossible with a glass bottle of wine.

Fun With Friends

If you’re having friends over for a barbecue and everyone likes a different kind of wine, bring out the cans and let everyone choose whichever they like. No need to open multiple bottles only to have to throw out the last glass or two in each one. (Heavens NO!)

Day at the Beach

Headed to the beach to do some sunbathing? Pack the cans right in your beach bag and you’re set for the day. No one wants to try to open a bottle of wine on a sandy beach, especially after applying all that slippery sunscreen!

Game Day

And for those tailgate parties…well, cans for everyone! Need I say more?

If you’re a wine lover and you still haven’t tried canned wine, what’s stopping you? It’s the new normal, making life easier and changing the way we drink!