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How can you become a professional gamer?

Becoming a professional gamer is one of the most potentially lucrative jobs in the world right now. Given the stratospheric rise of the global esports industry, it has never been a better time to go pro with your gaming skills. 

Indeed, becoming a professional gamer brings with it a number of tantalizing possibilities. 

Quite apart from the potentially large salary and sponsorship deals, it may open the door to other exciting career prospects. These include becoming a professional athlete in ‘real’ sport, such as the multiple esport racers who have since become professional racing drivers. 

Moreover, many professional gamers have become celebrities in their own right. Figures like PewDiePie and KSI have proven the potential career path for celebrity gamers, entering into the music industry, global sports and the media. 

Most importantly however, is the fact that you would be doing what you love. If you have a passion for gaming, then being paid for playing your own hobby can make your career far more meaningful.

This is how you can become a professional gamer:

You need the right tools for the job

Like any desirable occupation, becoming a professional gamer is not easy. It is a hotly contested industry, full of passionate players who hope to one day go pro. In order to stand the best chance of developing your skills, you need to have the right equipment.

This means investing in a dedicated gaming computer, such as those from lenovo.com. It will enable you to practice your skills and compete in esports events without the frustration of lag, imprecise controls and a lack of processing power. 

It may also be advisable to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible when gaming. You will likely spend hours at a time sitting at a desk, so ensure you buy a suitable gaming chair, foot rest and screen. It is also important to take regular breaks to rest your eyes and energize your body. 

Get involved in esports communities

To gain recognition and progress as a competitor within the gaming community, you need to meet as many people as possible and build a strong reputation. To do this, you could become closely involved with esport communities, chatting to different players and entering a variety of different tournaments. 

Furthermore, you could start your own community, building a group of enthusiasts around your favorite games and, as a result, building your own support base. 

Start specializing in a particular game

If you want to rise to the top as a gamer, you are going to need to become the best at a single game. This will help you to hone your skills to a high level, rather than spreading your time between a number of titles. 

Becoming a specialist at one game will also make it more likely that you will build a strong reputation, because there will be fewer competitors and noise to shout over. 

Even if you just want to become a gaming celebrity, rather than a serious competitor, it is best to focus on one game and become the number one name associated with it. 

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