How Can the Tourism Industry Prepare For Summer?

The economic impact felt by businesses as a result of the pandemic has weighed heavily on many, but one industry has especially been impacted: tourism. The summer holidays could bring much wanted relief for hotels, travel service providers, booking agents and more. 

The number of vaccines that residents in the U.S. have received has increased significantly in recent months, meaning that things could return to normal relatively soon. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention approximately 184.5 million people have received the first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, if not the second one. 

Rebuilding the tourism industry

Globally and in the U.S., rebuilding the tourism industry has become a priority in recent months. The competition is steep and many businesses are busy preparing to receive guests again. Some are renovating, some installing a new pool or working on other strategies to appeal to more customers. 

While it can be useful to renovate hotel rooms or offer additional services to guests, it’s important that businesses in the travel industry follow certain safety measures. Hand sanitizer should ideally be available in lobbies and rooms and many hotels supply guests with disposable masks. Thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing hotel rooms and other areas has also become an important safety measure. However, some hotels may even go a bit too far and impose too many safety regulations, leading to complaints by customers. 

Can there be too many safety regulations? 

“This summer, people traveling for the first time since the outbreak will find a different experience. It includes scaled-down room service, reduced in-flight amenities, and rules that may seem a little too strict. At the same time, prices may be as high as or higher than they were before the pandemic”, an article by USA Today Travel warns

It can be difficult for hotels to find a balance between safety and convenience. A look at how other establishments have tackled this problem can make it easier to find a solution. 

Maintenance work and areas to inspect

After being inactive for so long, maintenance work may need to be carried out by many hotels. For example, in hotels and places with a pool, it is important to check that all equipment and machinery is working fine, including the automatic or manual motor controls, which control equipment such as pumps. Hot tubs should also be inspected thoroughly as well as various electrical and plumbing systems. 

Machinery that is used to run the hotel should be properly cleaned, lubricated and adjusted before guests arrive for the summer. If there are any signs of excessive wear, parts may need to be replaced, which is why it’s so helpful to inspect the condition of equipment and machinery as soon as possible. Other areas that should be tested or inspected are fire alarms, fire extinguishers, railings, exit signs, and other kinds of safety equipment.