How Business Climate Action Can Do Climate Justice

Extreme heat storms, intense wildfires, sea-level rise are the climatic changes that might threaten everyone. BIPOC communities are the ones that are more vulnerable to such climatic impacts. These types of organizations suffer disproportionately from the socioeconomic impacts of the climatic change such as the increased energy costs, disrupted access to social services, and so on. Before we move forward, it’s really crucial to understand ‘what is climatic justice’; what’s the recent climate change news’, ‘what are climate justice activists doing to improve the environment’, and so on. 


Bringing equity to nature and our global environment is something that can be termed as climate justice. There are a lot of climate justice activists who are working towards the environment and helping various climate change organizations to get rid of the worst conditions. 

Role of Business in Climatic Justice

Businesses play a very important role in climate justice and racial equity while shifting the finance for energy transition. The business action is supported by various investments, government regulations, incentives and is absolutely critical for transitioning the net-zero emissions by 2050. Achieving this will not only address the climatic crisis in the long term but will also improvise the local environment in the economies for a more sustainable environment. The move of the climatic change organizations towards a net-zero GHG emission economy is something that will require systemic transitions in the business operations. However, the advantages of this shift are immense for the broader community and the business as a whole. Billions of dollars will be spent, made and saved during this transformation. An inclusive transition at its core and a fair and just core call for the climatic investment is something that will alleviate and eliminate existing disparities in the economic, social and environmental opportunities in the world. 

Traditionally, climate action is narrowly focussed on the global advantages of reducing the greenhouse gas emission that ignores the potential to generate immediate advantages of the community well being such as improving the local air quality and economies via investments in restoring ecosystems, infrastructure and increasing the vitality of the community. 

What Businesses could do about climatic justice?

  • Educate and spread awareness about climate justice – Educating leadership and team members internally on how race intersects the climate crisis is something that businesses can do about climate justice. Build awareness internally as well as externally and help out others in the same issue. 
  • Collaborate to scale impact – Solving the climate crisis is not a big act alone and organizations should collaborate with the ones across the industries like the expert stakeholders. 
  • Leverage influence and advocate for public policy – In order to leverage influence, you can call on the levels of the government to integrate the justice lens into the climatic solutions. There are numerous climatic action plans that are developed by nations to integrate with racial equity and other government plans for climatic changes. 

To briefly conclude, if businesses come in terms of the climatic change it will be a great help to the environment. Get ready for the climatic changes and indulge in all the good things for a good environment. 

Let’s wait for the amazing climate change news together.