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How Beta Geek Mark Got a Makeover

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Zuck before AI

Who has had a makeover?

Metaboss Mark Zuckerberg.

What have you done?

His new nickname ‘Mark Zuckerbeard’ might give you a clue.

Then his face sprouted. hair. What a thing. Find me a clean shaven man in 2024.

Mark Zuckerberg!

But you just said that I had grown up a beard.

I didn’t, I said she had a makeover. The beard wasn’t real.

Sorry, Mark Zuckerberg has started using a fake beard?

It all started late last month in the run-up to Meta’s first-quarter earnings report.

It must have been bad if He had to dress up.

The details of the expected growth in advertising revenue have already been forgotten. The main news was that the CEO of Meta announced it online wearing a hipster silver chain.


Stay with me. She had also let her hair grow long. The disheveled look was more skater boy than Silicon Valley.


I’m getting to the beard. One X/Twitter fan was so inspired by this cool new Zuckerberg that they photoshopped his image to give him a designer stubble.

Zuck after AI

Metamorphosis: Zuck before and after AI

Was the AI ​​beard well received?

People loved it! Even Gwyneth Paltrow contributed.

What did Gwynnie say?

“He looks like my ex-hub (Chris Martin) in this photo,” the Goop founder wrote. Other X users were a little more direct.

Come on, then (we will analyze the ‘ex-centers’ another time)…

“I’ll give you more than just my details,” one promised. “I’d beat him up,” offered another.

They want to ‘zuck’ the A nerdy guy who wears the same gray t-shirt every day?

That was the Zuckerberg of 2014. The 2024 incarnation practices mixed martial arts with his shirt on and likes to go around Yellowstone in a sheepskin coat.

Oh, now we’re okay with men selecting their looks, right?

I wouldn’t necessarily say that: there is healing and healing. Barbie star Ryan Gosling’s newly swollen face has drawn attention (not least yours).

You mean it’s had fillers?

That’s what people say while promoting their movie. The scapegoat.

Well, he clearly doesn’t want his face to look the same.

Try telling that to the fans. “I’m asking you nicely with the love of my heart: please dissolve the cheek filler,” one begged on X. “I need to talk to whoever did Ryan Gosling’s filler,” another posted.

Wait… cosmetic intervention is out of the question, But cured facial hair is okay?

Unless you’re Donald Trump.

There’s no way I could have grown a beard!

No, but observers believe that they have given it a deep facelift.

maybe they feel fall guand Gosling has to fall even further in the looks department.

Possibly, but whatever Trump is doing doesn’t seem to diminish his appeal. “A top-notch facelift, he’s not messing around with these elections,” was one of the typical responses to the recent photographs.

Where are we with your man-tan?

Medium to dark mahogany, enhanced – thinks one X commenter – by the ‘Maybelline mousse foundation’.

What has Ryan been drinking?

What has Ryan been drinking?

Are you suggesting that Open male makeup is now acceptable?

This is according to new Swedish company Obayaty, which has just launched in Selfridges in the men’s category.

Is that really going to catch on?

“The men’s beauty scene is still very underdeveloped,” said brand co-founder Lajjo Strand. The times.

Around me, the landscape of men’s lipstick is a desert wasteland.

That’s because men don’t want lipstick.

What do they want then?

Concealer, it seems, and plenty of brow tamers.

Perhaps Meta’s CEO could think about investing in this nascent market.

In which case, I’ll call out your next online nickname before anyone else.


Mark Zuckerbrows.

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