How AR and VR Are Transforming the Online Gambling Industry

Darwin’s theory that only those that adapt will survive holds true in different areas of life, including the gambling industry. Online gambling brands that can keep up with technological advancements and emerging trends will grow their following and maintain their position in a crowded market. Some exclusive services want to be the first onboard with these new advances, while others prefer to wait until the technology has been perfected.

Our hover boards may not be parked in our garages just yet but uses of VR and AR have started to increase. These two technologies have already started to make noises in the gambling industry and casinos have taken notice. Here are the best ways that VR and AR are transforming the industry…

VR Transformations

Virtual Reality is sometimes confused with Augmented Reality. The former is when individuals enter into a completely fictitious world has not really arrived in the industry fully at current, but it is only a matter of time. Some of its current and reported uses are:

1. Full Blown Casinos Experiences

Experiencing live dealers “up close” is certainly possible and probably one of the first steps when rolling VR out to all online casinos. However, there are bigger plans with this awesome technology. It is rumoured that VR will allow players to explore the bright lights of Vegas, roam many casinos and immerse yourself into multiple games just like you were attending a casino in person!

2. Employment with Online Casinos

Working from home is a dream for most people, but how about working for an online casino as a dealer – at home! Virtual Reality may just make it possible to gain employment as a casino worker with a VR headset on while sat on your recliner at home. Once your shift has finished just head around the other side of the table and start gambling with your tips! It could happen…

3. Player Interactions

The experiences between players and the casino are undoubtedly going to be enhanced with VR, but player-to-player experiences will too. Expect to be able to sit next to other players, see them, chat and why not buy each other drinks. VR could just make online gambling as social as it can ever get! This would work extremely well for online bingo, just picture mFortune members being able to venture into all the various bingo rooms to experience the fun themes and high-five fellow players, whilst winning loads of prizes. 

AR Developments

Augmented Reality is a bit different. It takes your real-world surroundings and changes them to include other visuals, such as live dealers and other players. This means you could be sat at your office desk and soon as it is time to stop working, your desk can soon become a blackjack table.

The technology is impressive and offers many of the benefits outlined above. However, it is limited to social interactions as it involves your real surroundings – unless tech experts find new innovative ways to become just as exciting as VR.