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How Apps Helped Me to Quit Cigarettes and Stay Away for Good

We all have our bad habits and things we know we shouldn’t do. For me, smoking was always something that deep down I knew I shouldn’t be doing, but the urge to light up just kept pulling me back in. I have been fighting my addiction to cigarettes off and on for close to ten years, and for a while, it felt like I had tried at all. The patches, the packs of gum, and even the calls to support hotlines just didn’t seem to keep me away for long enough.


After another talk with my doctor about my lung health and my declining energy levels, I decided once again to throw out the pack in my purse. But this time, I turned to my phone. I was already using apps for a lot of my daily health needs like tracking my calories or other habits, so why not try a few apps to quit smoking? A few weeks later, I already had a little group of daily apps to keep me away from my usual vice.

Using productivity apps to break bad habits

Why is it so hard to break a habit? I knew that there were apps for encouraging good habits, so I started to look for apps that would help discourage bad habits and help prevent habit triggers. I needed something that would work well for my situation, so I searched specifically for where apps that are tailor-made for people who are trying to quit smoking. I actually found this list online, which was just what I was looking for.

Great Apps to Quit Smoking

After reading through, I downloaded the app “QuitNow!”, and it’s been my go-to daily app since. What’s most effective for me is the motivation of seeing exactly what I’m saving by not smoking every day. I get achievements for all the time and money I’m saving, not to mention all the health benefits of saying no to all those individual cigarettes. It’s hard to know how to recover from bad habits, but once you start in and see how much better your life is without them, the recovery process only gets easier and easier.

Finding a community for a network of support

One of the best things about apps is their power to connect people. Through platforms like social media and forums, we can easily find people who are like-minded. The list of common bad habits is a long one, and just being able to chat with a group of people that have the same bad habit is really empowering. Apps like QuitNow! and Cessation Nation has community features so that you can talk to others that are going through the same journey, and discuss your bad daily habits and how you are working to overcome them. It’s the perfect way to vent after a bad day or just get some tips and ideas. I’ve learned a lot about how to live healthier and smoke-free just by reading success stories from others who started where I am now. Plus, have some friends holds you accountable for your daily goals, and will make you think twice about going back to smoking.

Replacing smoking with healthier practices

Some apps that have also been essential in my battle against addiction have been apps for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I found that working harder to take care of my body and my mental health in every way was also even more motivation for stopping smoking. Apps can be a huge help not only for getting tips for a healthy lifestyle and fitness routines but also for guiding you through how to actually live healthier. I’ve found some great meditation apps that actually calm me down the same way a cigarette used to, and I’ve also turned to exercise apps such as yoga and other daily workouts. These apps help not only to maintain good health but have been a great distraction whenever I’m feeling a craving! By replacing my bad habits with good ones, I’ve been able to build a new sense of routine that is much healthier.


When quitting any bad habit, you have to find what works best for you and personalize your process. I’m proud to say that I am going on one year being absolutely smoke-free, and I am breathing easier and feeling much better on a daily basis. I definitely have apps to thank for getting me here!