House PASSES bill to protect same-sex marriage nationwide

BREAKING NEWS: House passes law to protect same-sex marriage nationwide: Nancy Pelosi says ‘that was emotional’ – as 38 all-Democrat Republicans vote for a major bill and one of her last as Speaker

  • The final version of the Respect for Marriage Act, which codifies same-sex marriage into law, passed the House Thursday morning
  • The legislation will now go to President Joe Biden’s office for signature
  • Outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hesitated before banging her gavel to pass the motion, calling it an “emotional” moment
  • The final vote was 258-169, with 38 Republicans joining Democrats in making it



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The House passed legislation Thursday morning by a vote of 258 to 169 that would guarantee federal recognition of same-sex marriage.

Only 39 Republicans in the House voted along with all 219 Democratic members to pass the bill. One Republican representative voted “present,” meaning they refuse to cast a “yes” or “no,” and four were marked as “no votes.”

President Joe Biden now receives the final version of the legislation for signature into law.

When outgoing speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that the bill had passed the House, she hesitated and seemed to choke.

“I was emotional, I’m sorry,” she said after hitting the desk several times with the gavel.

The Marriage Respect Bill received Senate approval last month by a vote of 61 to 36 and was sent back to the House to approve the amendments they made to the bill. While 12 Republicans along with 49 Democrats supported the bill, most GOP upper chamber members voted against the legislation.

The Final Version Of The Respect For Marriage Act, Which Codifies Same-Sex Marriage Into Law, Passed The House Thursday Morning And Will Go To President Joe Biden'S Desk For Signature

The final version of the Respect for Marriage Act, which codifies same-sex marriage into law, passed the House Thursday morning and will go to President Joe Biden’s desk for signature

The move came about amid concerns from mostly Democrats that the Supreme Court, by a conservative 6-to-3 vote, could roll back protections for same-sex couples to legally marry after it overturned the landmark Roe v. Wade decision that banned abortion at the federal level. protected, destroyed.

The Roe v. Wade ruling sparked calls from activists to codify same-sex marriage into federal law.

The legislation, written by a bipartisan group of lawmakers, is intended to act as a backstop to the 2015 Supreme Court decision that legalized same-sex marriage in the Obergefell v. Hodges case.

It allows the federal government and states to recognize same-sex and interracial marriages as long as they were legal in the states where they were performed. However, the bill would not prevent states from barring same-sex or interracial marriages in the future if the Supreme Court rules they can do so.

The bill also makes concessions to religious groups and institutions that do not support same-sex marriage.

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