House PASSES $858 billion defense bill that scraps the military vaccine mandate

BREAKING NEWS: House passes $858 billion defense bill, which repeals the military vaccine mandate despite pleas by the Pentagon and the Biden administration

  • On Thursday, the House approved the $858 billion NDAA
  • This language would eliminate the military COVID-19 mandate
  • Bill now goes to the Senate for a vote, before heading to President Biden’s desk
  • Biden opposes the DoD vaccine mandate being scrapped for U.S. service personnel 

On Thursday, the House unanimously passed the National Defense Authorization Act. This will allow next year’s Defense budget of $858 billion.

The total amount is $45Billion more than the President Joe Biden proposed.

To the dismay the president, the legislation’s 4,000 pages includes language that would strip the Pentagon of its mandate to require all service members to be vaccinated for COVID-19.

If it becomes law, all active duty service personnel would be exempted from the mandate within 30 days.

The final vote of 323-70 saw a majority of lawmakers of both parties voting in favor of bipartisan funding legislation. The NDAA was opposed by 45 Democrats and 35 Republicans.

With 174 Democrats on board and 176 Republicans present, the House exceeded the required two-thirds vote to pass the legislation. The bill will now be considered by the Senate before it is sent to Biden’s desk.

Although the White House does not believe that the bill would be vetoed by Biden, a spokeswoman for the president wouldn’t confirm. 

On Thursday, the House passed the $858 billion NDAA. This will eliminate the military COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Conservative Republicans threatened to repeal the entire bill if the mandate, which was first put into place in August 2021 became a major issue. 

‘Republicans have decided to fight against the well being of our troops, and we believe that it is a mistake,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre stated Wednesday. President Biden has made it a priority to ensure that our troops are ready and available for service. The vaccination requirement does exactly that.

When asked if Biden would veto a funding bill based on the NDAA provision, the president’s top spokesperson replied, “I don’t want to get aheadof the process,”

She said that every year, the NDAA has provisions we support and those we don’t. ‘And what the president is going to do is he is going to judge this piece of legislation – this bill – on its entirety when that occurs.’

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