Hostages tied to cars in massive bank robbery in Brazil’s Aracatuba

Ten hostages are strapped to getaway cars as human shields as 50 criminals armed with guns and bombs rob EVERY bank in Brazil’s city center

Today, during a massive bank robbery by dozens of heavily armed robbers in southern Brazil, civilian hostages were tied to the outsides of getaway cars.

Up to 50 robbers armed with machine guns, bombs and drones are believed to have raided every bank in the center of the city of Araçatuba, starting around midnight.

Raiders attacked local police and blocked roads into the city using burnt-out cars to prevent reinforcements from arriving, before kidnapping locals to use as human shields.

Video shows gunmen marching through rows of hostages before strapping them to the roofs and hoods of their cars as they escaped.

The entire city has since been put on lockdown with police warning that bombs have been scattered through the streets and residents should stay indoors.

A photo shows what appears to be a sophisticated bomb left in the street with a proximity sensor attached — meaning it will detonate if someone gets too close.

The raid began when the robbers attacked the headquarters of the local military police and trapped officers inside.

Trucks were then stolen and burned, with the wrecks being used to block highways into the city to prevent police reinforcements from arriving from elsewhere.

Raiders then hit a branch of the Banco do Brasil and Banco Safra.

Gunshots were reported across the city from terrified residents who filmed the astonishing raid from their windows.

At least four people were injured in the shooting Newspaper site, which gave no indication of their condition.

It is not yet clear how much money the robbers managed to steal, while the exact number of hostages is also unknown.

One of the images showed at least four people being marched through the streets by two gunmen, at least one of whom fired shots into the air.

Another, taken from a CCTV camera, shows a convoy of cars – believed to be used by the robbers – spinning on the road.

At least ten hostages are visible on the outside of the vehicles.

Some remain on the hood, one is attached to the roof, while others come out of the sunroofs with their hands raised.

More to follow…