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Host Woody Harrelson likens Pfizer and Moderna to DRUG CARTELS

SNL Goes Anti-Vaccine: Host Woody Harrelson Compares Pfizer And Moderna To DRUG CARtels During Opening Monologue While Criticizing Mandates, With Elon Musk Saluting The Star’s Tirant

  • Woody Harrelson joked about the pharmaceutical companies that engineered the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The actor hosted the SNL comedy show for the fifth time on Saturday night.
  • Elon Musk praised Harrelson’s comments on Twitter, calling them ‘based’

Actor Woody Harrelson criticized COVID-19 lockdowns and vaccines during his opening monologue on this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live, only for Elon Musk to jump on Twitter and suggest he was right.

In his monologue, Harrelson, 61, compared pharmaceutical companies to drug cartels and joked that they hatched a plot to buy off the media and politicians and then force the world to stay home unless everyone will take their drugs.

The monologue was met with mixed reactions, with some saying it failed, others finding it funny, while some condemned Harrelson’s words as anti-vaccine conspiracy theories.

Debates over the monologue escalated when billionaire Elon Musk, 51, joined the fray on Twitter, praising Harrelson for taking a “grounded” stance, calling the media “propaganda” and suggesting the actor was in the wrong. TRUE.

Saturday night was the fifth time Harrelson had hosted SNL. He last appeared on the show in November 2019, months before the pandemic broke out.

After describing himself as red and blue, and therefore purple, and calling himself an “anarchist, Marxist, ethical hedonist, discriminatory empath, epistemological deconstructionist Texan,” Harrelson shared a story about smoking weed in Central Park and read “the craziest script”. for a movie release.

“So the movie is like that,” he said. ‘The biggest drug cartels in the world come together and buy all the media and all the politicians and force all the people in the world to stay locked up in their houses.’

“And people can only get out if they take the cartel drugs and keep taking them over and over again.”

“I threw the script in the trash,” he joked. ‘I mean, who would believe that crazy idea? Forced to use drugs? I do it voluntarily all day.

Woody Harrelson hosted Saturday Night Live for the fifth time on Saturday Night

Woody Harrelson hosted Saturday Night Live for the fifth time on Saturday Night

After the show, numerous outlets wrote that Harrelson had ‘spread’ and ‘thrown’ ‘anti-vaccine conspiracies’ during his monologue.

Some took to Twitter to point out the irony of the media following exactly the kind of message Harrelson was joking about, then Musk chimed in to agree.

‘So based. Good job @nbcsnl!’ he wrote in response to a clip of Harrelson’s pandemic prank.

Then, in response to a roundup of headlines denouncing Harrelson’s part, Musk wrote: “Maybe they don’t realize their propaganda is wrong?”

Finally, in another post comparing other headlines, Musk commented on an emoji of a dart landing on a bull’s-eye.