Horrified moms and dads expose killer Afghan asylum hunter talked up teenage women at school

Horrified moms and dads have actually exposed how a ‘weird’ killer Afghan asylum hunter who impersonated a 14-year-old kid had the ability to talk up teenage women at his secondary school.

Lawangeen Abdulrahimzai impersonated a young Afghan orphan after showing up in Britain in 2019 and was permitted to study at Winton Academy in Bournemouth.

However in truth, he was a 19-year-old guy who was desired by cops in Serbia after being sentenced in his lack to twenty years’ jail time for shooting 2 individuals dead in an evident argument over individuals smuggling.

His web of deceptiveness – which tricked Border Force and Office authorities – was revealed today when Abdulrahimzai was founded guilty of the stab murder of striving marine Thomas Roberts in Bournemouth town centre last March.

The custody image of Lawangeen Abdulrahimzai, 21, following his conviction for murder today

Outraged Mother Abbie Mercy (Pictured) Said She Was Furious That Abdulrahimzai Was Allowed To Be With Her Children On A Daily Basis

Annoyed mom Abbie Grace (envisioned) stated she raged that Abdulrahimzai was permitted to be with her kids every day

The double-killer who deceived his method into UK 

Lawangeen Abdulrahimzai was sentenced to a 20-year jail sentence in his lack following a trial over the killing in Serbia, an initial hearing for the UK lawsuit heard.

District Attorney Nic Lobbenberg KC stated: ‘In between July 31 and August 1 in 2018, throughout the night in Dobrinci – near the freeway – he killed 2 individuals likewise from Afghanistan.

‘The name he was utilizing was Huan Yasin.’

Mr Lobbenberg KC stated Afghans were remaining in a shed in the location when an argument broke out over trafficking.

‘The offender got here and an argument broke about business of carrying migrants.

‘He was equipped with an automated attack rifle, 2 others had handguns… among the group stated ‘who is the smuggler?’ and after that intended their weapons at the victims

‘He shot 18 rounds of a 7.62 calibre Kalashnikov.

‘It’s a military weapon with fantastic firepower and quick rate of fire.

‘The series of the shooting was stated to be reasonably brief, 3 to 10 metres.’

Mr Lobbenberg KC stated the killer did stagnate position and fired 6 rounds into each victim, with some bullets striking their heads.

‘A massive number discovered their target’, he stated.

Abdulrahimzai, who left Serbia, was later on recognized by a cabby who drove him far from the scene, it was heard.

The cabby stated he was ‘sweating’ and ‘revealing indications of stress and anxiety’, with the court likewise hearing he got the weapon from ‘gypsies’.

In November 2020 he was founded guilty of murder in his lack by a Serbian court, having actually been desired in the nation because the attacks.

He was comprehended to be 15 at the time of the killings, it was heard.

The Afghani, now 21, was offered a foster mom soon after showing up in the UK – declaring that the Taliban had actually carried out both his moms and dads.

He consequently registered at Winton Academy, however frightened moms and dads of his schoolmates have actually now explained their scary that he was permitted to blend easily with their kids – in spite of being a cold-blooded adult killer.

Annoyed mom Abbie Grace stated: ‘This sleazebag was positioned at Winton in my boy’s year after he had actually killed 2 individuals at practically point blank variety!

‘He was permitted to be with 2 of my kids every day under the presumption he was 14. He was asking women out.

‘My anger is not with the school, I feel their hands were connected. It’s the regional authority and the government. 

‘Where’s the responsibility of care towards my kids?’

Cherri Parsons, whose teenage child remained in the exact same year as Abdulrahimzai, included: ‘I was fuming when I discovered he had actually been positioned in my 14-year-old child’s year group.

‘The school did have their hands connected about accepting him as a trainee, nevertheless where they failed was not informing us moms and dads about it rather of attempting to sweep it under the carpet.

‘Any type of improper behaviour might have taken place as he was asking 14-year-old women out and altering with 14-year-old kids in PE.’

A 3rd mom, who asked not to be called, explained the killer as ‘the school bully’.

She stated: ‘He was called Lo due to the fact that his name was long and made complex to keep in mind.

‘He was a school bully. Clearly, he was much larger and more powerful than his schoolmates and more manipulative.

‘A great deal of the students were terrified of him. Lo utilized to enter battles all the time. In reality he was expelled from Winton Academy due to the fact that of battling.

‘What I also find horrifying is that he was brazenly chatting up 14-year-old girls at lunchtime. He would come over and sit with them, it was really creepy. He asked a few girls out even though they were under age.

‘I’m angry with the school due to the fact that the first we knew about all this was when his picture was featured on the news earlier this week when he was convicted of stabbing a young man to death.

‘My daughter turned to me and she was in shock and said “I went to school with him. That’s Lo!”

‘I appreciate that the school may not have known at the time that he was really an adult nor that he’d killed two men in Serbia. But as soon as they were made aware, they should have messaged all the parents to apologise and explain how this man was able to pose as a 14-year old boy.

‘We’ve heard nothing from the school. I phoned them yesterday and someone there just said that their “hands are tied” and they have to say “no comment” at this stage.’

The mother continued: ‘It’s just not good enough. A double murderer and drug dealer was able to go to school with our children, something horrific could’ve happened. At least acknowledge that!

‘Luckily, Lo started at the school in 2020 when the kids were in and out due to the Covid epidemic.’

1674653625 180 Horrified Parents Reveal Killer Afghan Asylum Seeker Chatted Up Teenage

1674653626 379 Horrified Parents Reveal Killer Afghan Asylum Seeker Chatted Up Teenage

An Image Of The A Knife Held By Lawangeen Abdulrahimzai In A Video Posted On His Tiktok Page

An image of the a knife held by Lawangeen Abdulrahimzai in a video posted on his TikTok page

The Afghan National Was Today Convicted Of The Murder Of Aspiring Royal Marine Thomas Roberts (Above), 21, Outside A Subway Sandwich Shop In Bournemouth On March 12 Last Year, Having Stabbed Him Twice In The Chest With A '10Cm Blade'

The Afghan national was today convicted of the murder of aspiring Royal Marine Thomas Roberts (above), 21, outside a Subway sandwich shop in Bournemouth on March 12 last year, having stabbed him twice in the chest with a ’10cm blade’ 

Abdulrahimzai had been handed a 20-year prison sentence in his absence after the killings in Serbia. 

But he fled to the UK — where he became a street fighter who attacked his foster mother and boasted about his love of knives on TikTok.

Officials were unaware of Abdulrahimzai’s previous convictions — carried out under the alias ‘Huan Yasin’ — until police started investigating Mr Roberts’ murder.

They discovered that two people in Serbia had been shot dead by a petrol station, with Abdulrahimzai identified by witnesses as the killer.

He had likewise been convicted of drug dealing in Italy and was given a non-custodial sentence after pleading guilty.

But Abdulrahimzai was allowed into the UK after deceiving Border Force, the Home Office and officials at Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council.

He had fooled them so comprehensively that he was placed with foster mother Nicola Marchant-Jones.

Dorset Police, which investigated the murder of Thomas Roberts, said they had no idea Abdulrahimzai was a convicted double murderer. 

But Abdulrahimzai – nicknamed Lo by Ms Marchant-Jones – was caught with a knife but was only given words of advice by police in Bournemouth.

When he nearly headbutted Ms Marchant-Jones during an argument, he was removed from her care.

On March 12 last year, he claimed his third murder victim, stabbing Mr Roberts twice in the chest with a ’10cm blade’ after an argument with the aspiring Royal Marine’s friend about an e-scooter outside a Subway sandwich shop.

Mr Roberts, 21, who was also a DJ, was on a night out with friend James Medway, 24, who got into an argument with Abdulrahimzai.

The murder victim intervened and sustained two stab wounds to his chest from an ‘aggressive’ Abdulrahimzai – with one slicing through his heart.

Firearms officers in balaclavas and full tactical gear swooped on the asylum seeker’s flat in Poole, Dorset, 24 hours after the incident and arrested him.

The Asylum Seeker, Seen Here On Bus Cctv, Broke Down In Tears And Claimed His Parents Were Killed By The Taliban And Detailed The Alleged Torture He Endured

The asylum seeker, seen here on bus CCTV, broke down in tears and claimed his parents were killed by the Taliban and detailed the alleged torture he endured

Abdulrahimzai Deceived Border Force And The Home Office So Comprehensively That He Was Placed With Foster Mother Nicola Marchant-Jones (Pictured)

Abdulrahimzai deceived Border Force and the Home Office so comprehensively that he was placed with foster mother Nicola Marchant-Jones (pictured)

Abdulrahimzai (Centre With Black Hood) Was Caught On Camera Headbutting A Reveller On A Night Just Minutes Before He Murdered An Aspiring Royal Marine In A Row Over An E-Scooter

Abdulrahimzai (centre with black hood) was caught on camera headbutting a reveller on a night just minutes before he murdered an aspiring Royal Marine in a row over an e-scooter

Abdulrahimzai very first headed to Serbia through Pakistan and Iran in October 2015, before arriving in Norway later that month with a friend he considered to be like an adopted brother.

He then left Norway and spent some time in Italy and Serbia before returning only to have actually an asylum application turned down in December 2019.

Fearing he would be deported back to Afghanistan he travelled to Britain, showing up in Poole by means of a ferryboat from Cherbourg, France.

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