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Horoscope today: Daily guide to what the stars have in store for YOU – March 11, 2024

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OSCAR CAINER (pictured): Sometimes something comes along and erases all memory of how we used to do things.

Although a handful of Hollywood stars wake up with an Oscar today, I’m nowhere near Los Angeles; those little golden namesakes were awarded in my absence.

But I like the idea that accepting an ‘Oscar’ into your life changes it for the better!

After the New Moon, although we are unlikely to be the center of attention giving acceptance speeches, there are opportunities to share and celebrate life’s gifts.

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March 21 – April 20

“Some people are born great, some achieve greatness, others have greatness imposed upon them.” It might have been helpful if Shakespeare had explained his definition of “greatness.” How should we know which category (if any) we fall into? It seems to me that being labeled “great” comes with a huge responsibility. Being born in it cannot be easy. Regardless of how you feel about your position in the world, one thing is certain; You have more power and influence than you think. Use it!

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While it's nowhere near Los Angeles, Oscar Cainer (pictured) likes the idea that accepting an 'Oscar' into your life changes it for the better.

While it’s nowhere near Los Angeles, Oscar Cainer (pictured) likes the idea that accepting an ‘Oscar’ into your life changes it for the better.


April 21 – May 21

Determining what you “need” from what you “want” is more complicated than it seems. Unless, of course, you have superhuman powers and can step back and evaluate your life from a distance. Or you have access to a vast inner wealth of wisdom. In which case, could you share your knowledge with the rest of us? If you do not possess these qualities, like everyone else, you will occasionally make an error in judgment. However, with your ruler, Venus, changing signs, as long as you are willing to learn, you can get what you need.

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May 22 – June 22

We are all enrolled in the University of Life. However, unlike other educational programs, this one has no terms or holidays. It is a continuous process of learning new lessons and revising old ones. It involves research and discovery. Since you’ve recently embarked on a new topic, it’s no wonder you’re feeling overwhelmed (and a little out of your depth). However, this is a vital part of your learning. As you become more familiar with the topic, you will be able to put it to enjoyable (profitable) use. Keep going!

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June 23 – July 23

If only we could wave a magic wand and make radical changes in our lives; With a simple ‘Abracadabra’, we would manifest more health, wealth and happiness. Dream in! Not even people in powerful positions in our world can do that. However, we all have power over our own minds. We can change our attitudes. We can change our mood. And we can reset our expectations. The legacy of the New Moon offers you a gift. If you believe in yourself, you can turn a problem into an advantage. Your homework today? Think positive!

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July 24 – August 23

We all want to feel safe and secure. But achieving these qualities is more difficult than we would like. And it rarely involves taking the easy option. Or make too many concessions. There are times when, instead of living a quiet life, we have to take a stand and, even though we know we risk upsetting people (or making ourselves vulnerable), express our concerns. Your interests may be at odds with those of someone you care about. But as long as you follow your heart and are kind, speaking out will have positive results.

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August 24 – September 23

People who work in the world of commerce prioritize profits. People who work in the arts prioritize creativity. What do you prioritize? Being an adaptable Virgo, you know that priorities change depending on circumstances. It’s all about context and perspective. And, since your understanding of an important issue in your world is changing, you are aware (on a deep level) that your priorities must change. Which doesn’t mean it’s easy. But if you use your imagination today and keep an open mind, you will make the right decision.

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September 24 – October 23

Why does life sometimes seem like an endless stream of sacrifices? Are we supposed to continue denying our own needs for the sake of the “greater good”? With your ruler, Venus, entering sensitive Pisces, it’s an ideal time to reevaluate your commitment to someone (or something) you care about. This is an opportunity to rebalance a relationship in which you have given more than you have received. And it won’t take much. As you become more aware of your needs, you become more empowered. And the change will occur naturally.

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October 24 – November 22

Imagine being a judge and dreaming that you are being tried for a crime you have not committed. When you are about to be sentenced, you wake up. Oh. A nightmare. However, in real life. you are the person who makes the judgment. It is you who decides the destiny of people. Whether you work (or not) in the legal profession, could you be underestimating its power? The New Moon highlighted a challenging scenario. And you’re under pressure to fix it. Today gives you the opportunity to use your past experience. It’s going to be OK.

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After the New Moon (pictured) there are opportunities to share and celebrate the gifts of life.

After the New Moon (pictured) there are opportunities to share and celebrate the gifts of life.

After the New Moon (pictured) there are opportunities to share and celebrate the gifts of life.


November 23 – December 21

It is easy to break a twig into two pieces. But if you have a bunch of twigs, it’s a different story. People are a bit like twigs. On our own, we are fragile. But when we come together as a community, we gain strength. If you are struggling to achieve what you need, don’t be ashamed of needing support. Help is available. Although being a solo operator has its advantages (you can do what you want when you want), being part of a team brings much more strength and power. You don’t have to fight alone. Just ask.

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December 22 – January 20

When we are courteous to each other, we are not always honest. When we try to make a good impression, we are unlikely to have a meaningful conversation. Expressing our true feelings tends to make us uncomfortable. But even if it involves risk, it clears things up and sets the stage for more productive communication. If you walk on eggshells with someone today, you will feel resentful for not speaking your truth. As Venus settles into a new celestial home, if you speak what’s on your heart, you’ll make real progress.

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January 21 – February 19

Not only are we creatures of habit who find comfort in doing the things we choose to do, but we copy other people’s choices. We watch what they do and if it seems to be good for them, we add it to our routine. We even emulate the way they respond to different situations. If it works for them, we think, it will work for us too. But although there is no point in trying to reinvent the wheel, it is necessary to adapt them to face different types of terrain. Your willingness to try something different today benefits you.

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February 20 – March 20

You are a Pisces. If someone can adapt, you can. But no one wants to constantly compromise. That’s not fun. You’ve been testing yourself, doing everything you can to play a specific role and help someone with their plans. Compromises have occurred. But not sacrifices; It hasn’t been easy, but you don’t resent your efforts. Good. With Venus entering your sign, you’re about to get the rewards you deserve. As the week progresses, you will find the freedom you were missing. And start having fun.

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