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Horoscope today: Daily guide to what the stars have in store for YOU – July 28, 2023


As Mercury returns to Virgo, it’s back to business: Five terrestrial planets encourage us to think practically and plan productively.

So, is there a weekend ahead of us to read the fine print and check our sums? While the devil may be in the details, there’s treasure in there too. Pleasure and prosperity are waiting to be discovered.

A closer look will reveal something to love in piles that are all too easily discarded.

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March 21 – April 20

There are a lot of people who know everything. They may not be very experienced, but they are happy to try and are often successful at whatever they do. It’s a great attitude. The difficulty comes when someone thinks he is an ‘expert’ but his knowledge is based on luck. It’s important to be confident… but being overconfident can be problematic. Have faith in your abilities this weekend. But if you are reaching the limit of your knowledge, ask for help. Make your dreams come true in August! For inspiration, call your monthly forecast: 0906 751 5601.


April 21- May 21

Sometimes it feels like you are being guided by an invisible force: you go with the flow and things work out unpredictably. However, at other times, it may seem as if that force is working against us. No matter what we do, there is a new challenge. You may not be enjoying whatever is unfolding in your life right now. But you can be sure that you will be happy about the experiences you are going through. This weekend brings some proof that you are on the right track. August can be a transformative month. Harness the inspiring energy of the Full Moon. Call 0906 751 5602.

Oscar Cainer, pictured, says: “A closer look will reveal something to love in piles all too easily discarded.”


May 22 – June 22

Should it really be your priority to read your prediction? Don’t you have other (more productive) things to do? Don’t have a to-do list as long as your arm? What’s that? Is it your life and are you going to put your needs first for a change? Excellent! No one, and that includes me (plus anyone else who can tell you what to do with your time), knows better than you! Since the weekend brings clarity of vision and self-awareness, don’t let anyone take over your plans. Stay on target. August is going to be amazing! Discover how to harness your astrological gifts. Call 0906 751 5603.


June 23 – July 23

Having authority gives us a sense of power, which probably explains why we enjoy undermining other people’s authority. Sometimes it seems as if we are trying to gain power in our own lives by taking it away from others. If someone is trying to undermine your confidence, don’t be distracted from your goal this weekend. They are struggling with their own insecurities. No need to react or respond. If you focus on the opportunities that come your way, you will become powerful in ways that help others. What’s in the message from heaven in August? It is full of positive planetary alignments! For great advice call 0906 751 5604.


July 24 – August 23

I blame the toy manufacturers. Those shape sorting boxes from the early years that teach us that round pegs fit round holes and square pegs fit squares have a lot to answer for. As soon as we arrive on planet Earth, we begin to learn what ‘fits’ and what doesn’t. Isn’t that a narrow minded way of thinking? Wouldn’t it be helpful to learn that square pegs can sometimes fit into round holes? When faced with ambiguity, revel in its diversity. It has creative potential and could be fun. Make August a month to remember! For news on positive changes, call your latest monthly forecast: 0906 751 5605.


August 24 – September 23

You feel a bit irritated and unusually cranky. It’s totally understandable, of course. It’s frustrating when people don’t bother to invest their energy. Or make an effort to understand why something is so important to you. No wonder you’re exasperated. But it’s worth remembering that you set high standards. With the powerful planet Mars in your sign, you have an extra boost. You don’t have to suffer fools gladly. But if you’re aware that other people are doing the best they can this weekend, you’ll move forward happier. In August, two Full Moons bring cause for hope. Make the most of it! For valuable information call 0906 751 5606.


September 24 – October 23

They say ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. However, there is a danger that by focusing too much on what is to come, we cannot be in the present. There are times when putting things off until “tomorrow” is fine. But if it becomes our mantra, something is wrong. It can also be tempting to put off taking care of our own lives because we’re too busy doing things for other people. But I don’t need to talk to you about that! Try to enjoy your weekend for all that it brings you. It is the best way to make your future bright. August is almost here! For encouraging news about how the month’s full moons bring exciting opportunities, call 0906 751 5607.

As Mercury returns to Virgo, it's back to business: Five terrestrial planets encourage us to think practically and plan productively.  Stock image used

As Mercury returns to Virgo, it’s back to business: Five terrestrial planets encourage us to think practically and plan productively. Stock image used


October 24 – November 22

While it is true that a little of what we fancy does us good, it depends on what we fancy! If we crave something that is not good for us, it is better to have only a little. And we can, of course, have too much of something that seems good to us…and then it turns bad (I file pizza under this category). Moderation seems to be the key to health, wealth and happiness. If you can apply it this weekend, you can deal with a challenging situation. And don’t forget that sometimes nothing is better than a lot… or a little. To find out what changes you can implement in the coming month, call your latest four-minute forecast: 0906 751 5608.


November 23 – December 21

You like to give your best. No matter the task, you are determined to give it your all and contribute as much as possible to its success. One of the side effects of this admirable tendency is that when you don’t feel your best, you do everything you can to not do your best! You can surprise people with your selflessness. One moment you’re excited, the next you’re hurdling. This weekend, you will be at your best. With your energy, there is potential for success and fun. August begins and ends with powerful Full Moons. For a forecast that sheds light and gives hope, call 0906 751 5609.


December 22 – January 20

Life has a way of pushing us to the limit. It is from this place of uncertainty that we can begin to gain confidence and conquer our fears. Sometimes when we get to that place, we find that it’s more stable than we thought it would be. We might discover that it is fertile soil in which ideas can grow. Even if we just want to get away from the edge, experience reminds us that pulling out can be a positive. As you redefine a boundary in your life, trust that you are building the foundation for your future. August can be a transformative month. Harness the inspiring energy of the Full Moon. Call 0906 751 5610.


January 21 – February 19

We like to create categories and sort people into neat little boxes. It makes them easier to treat. However, it’s hard to miss the fact that someone (whom you think of as pessimistic) is being encouraging, while someone else (whom you think of as optimistic) is being negative. This shows how wrong those categorizations can be. Show everyone how thinking outside the box is the way to improve our world by encouraging everyone to be the best they can be today. August is almost here! The astrological chart is exciting. There is inspiring news in your forecast. Call 0906 751 5611.


February 20 – March 20

An old arrangement needs revision. A deal must be rearranged. A partnership has become unbalanced. Which is not to say that something has gone terribly wrong. In fact, the opposite is true. If you do your research, you’ll see a relationship in a more constructive light. So that’s all the more reason to reconsider things. Start by digging below the surface. Don’t be fooled by the superficial. You can find out what you need to know to make a decision that will move you in a positive direction. Get ready for August! For inspirational information on how to change your life, call your latest monthly forecast: 0906 751 5612.

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