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Horizon Forbidden West – Burning Shores: How to start the DLC? – WhatsNew2Day


Starting Burning Shores is not that easy. We explain what you have to consider.

Horizon Forbidden West has received an extensive DLC with Burning Shores, which expands the open world by a large area and sends Aloy on a new mission. Many fans have eagerly awaited the release – but how do you start the DLC in the first place? And what can you do if it doesn’t activate properly?

So you start the Burning Shores DLC

Of course, you first have to buy the DLC from the PlayStation Store (20 euros) and install it (download size around 17 GB). There are also several requirements to play Burning Shores:

  • The DLC is PS5 exclusive (unlike the main game)
  • you have to Complete the Forbidden West main storyincluding the last mission »Singularity«. The DLC can only be started with a corresponding save!
  • If you NewGame+ you have to complete the full main story before you can continue with Burning Shores.

If you meet these requirements, the game starts. A message pops up thanking the developers for installing the DLC. Also, within a few minutes, Sylens should call via Focus and ask you to meet him at Tilda’s Mansion. The new DLC main quest will then start automatically. Follow the mission to travel to the new area set around post-apocalyptic Los Angeles.

Horizon Forbidden West: Aloy finds new allies in the Burning Shores launch trailer

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Horizon Forbidden West: Aloy finds new allies in the Burning Shores launch trailer

Burning Shores won’t start for me! What can I do?

Apparently, the DLC has starting problems for some players. Here are a few tips that may help:

  • You need the latest one first Patch 1.21 installed for the base game.
  • Make sure the DLC is really installed, sometimes you have to do it manually. To do this, go to Horizon Forbidden West in the PS5 home menu, press the Options button and select »Manage game content«.
  • Have you installed everything correctly and Sylens is still not calling? Then the game restarts completely.
  • Developer Guerrilla is loud Twitter post set to eliminate existing problems.

Mini-poll in the comments: Having trouble starting Burning Shores? Or is the DLC working as planned for you? Our in-house Horizon fan Steffi was able to install the expansion and get started right away without any problems, but please let us know below the article if you have had a different experience!

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