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Horizon Forbidden West: Almost everyone agrees on the first press reviews of the new DLC – WhatsNew2Day


Horizon Burning Shores does pretty well on Metacritic.

Aloy’s latest journey to Horizon Forbidden West takes her to lava-drenched Los Angeles – where, of course, new machines await her. In the first reviews of the international press the DLC Burning Shores collects a lot of praise.

We look at the rating table current meta scorecollect the most important votes and, of course, also look at what is being criticized. You want to see what Burning Shores looks like first? We recorded the first 13 minutes for you on PS5 (no spoilers for the story or the new machines):

Horizon Forbidden West: The first 13 minutes of the Burning Shores DLC (spoiler-free)

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Horizon Forbidden West: The first 13 minutes of the Burning Shores DLC (spoiler-free)

The DLC is currently coming to one metascore of 80 in 13 press reviews. Of these, eleven are positive and two are mixed. The base game Horizon Forbidden West has a Metascore of 88.

When looking at the ratings, it is noticeable that most are in the 80s, with a few outliers upwards. The lowest rating is currently 70. Almost all reviewers also agree on the points of praise and criticism, you can read more about this under the table.

website rating
GamesHub 100
MeuPlayStation 82
Screen Rant 80
IGN 80
Push Square 80
VGC 80
digital trends 70

That’s what the international tests say

They are particularly often praised new story about Aloy and her companion Seyka as well as the spectacularly beautiful graphics. The DLC gets deductions for this in some tests because it doesn’t add much that is new and doesn’t iron out any weaknesses eithersuch as the bloated upgrade system.

gameshub gave the highest possible rating to Burning Shores. Tester Leah J. Williams is enthusiastic about the new map in her conclusion:

The smaller islands that host this chapter of history are stunning. From realistic water lapping the sandy beaches to volcanic mountain peaks and perched dinosaur amusement parks, Burning Shores is filled with beautiful sights.

Kyle Gratton from Screenrant awards an 80 (or 4 out of 5 stars, which corresponds to »excellent« on the website). In his eyes, Burning Shores is an almost all-round successful expansion – but it’s too short:

Burning Shores is a monumental chapter in Aloy’s journey and an incredible follow-up to Horizon Forbidden West, even if the story is a little rushed.(…) Unfortunately, Burning Shores may be short, but it’s still great, and its technical achievements are arousing high expectations for the third part of the series from Guerrilla Games.

Also Simon Cardy from IGN had a lot of fun with the DLC and gives it an 8 out of 10 – on the IGN scale that makes it “Great”. He just didn’t like some boss fights. His conclusion is as follows:

Burning Shores is a worthy addition to this acclaimed action-packed sci-fi series. Fun new challenges and enemies are introduced, and cool new ways to complete them are presented regularly. (…) Apart from a couple of bad boss fights, it’s a great new chapter with enough creative bells and whistles to more than satisfy fans.

Giovanni Colantonio has one of the most critical ratings for digital trends awarded. 3.5 out of 5 stars for the DLC, which he thinks is pretty and fun, but remains too superficial and offers little really new content.

If you’re not already won over by the Horizon formula, Burning Shores probably won’t impress you. The DLC is a bite-sized version of Forbidden West with just a few new tricks of its own. (…) Burning Shores offers few new features overall, although there are enough to justify the DLC. He’s only adding a small handful of new machines, but each one is memorable in its own way.

What are Metacritic users saying? The Burning Shores user score of 5.4 from 67 user reviews is significantly lower than the press ratings. Most of the negative comments bother a gay kissing scene. At this point we issue a clear spoiler warning: In many user reviews, the end of the DLC is revealed.

Burning Shores is a PS5 exclusive, the main game Forbidden West is only available on PS4 and PS5 so far. Since the predecessor also appeared on the PC after a few years, we firmly assume that one day Horizon 2 will also run on the computer at home. Part 1 included the big story DLC Frozen Wilds.

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