Honor As The New Smartphone Store In The UK

Smartphone store in the UK provides you with their new products. Introduce you to the new smartphone series Honor. You can explore their website to get more information about their products.

Once you visit their website, you will know that this smartphone designates for the Millenium era. It is the most popular mobile phone, especially for young and energetic people.

The following article will discuss more the specification of Honor 20 Pro as the most wanted model among others type.


This type provides the user with a smart and attractive operating system. It is completed with OS Magic UI 2.1.0 that is compatible with the Android 9 system.

This system is the latest software version that is found in any Honor smartphone. It offers you various options for wallpaper presets. You can select your preferred themes for your own.

It is suitable for you who require a phone with video editing. Aside from being completed by the latest video technology, it provides users with recent photography technology.

Thus, it makes this type to be a simple and handy mobile phone for traveling. Its AI offers you the updated system operating with varied functions.


This series serves you with a bold case color. It has the only option color that is phantom black and presents you with an impressive design.

The screen size is 6.26 inch allowing the users with all view displays. It has a multi-touch sensitive screen that makes it easy to operate.

Its design expresses the wonder of users’ creativity. The lightweight design is compatible with its complex features. It has approximately 182g, a depth of 8.44mm, a length of 154.60mm, and a wide 73.97mm.

It serves you with an inspiring design for an inspiring person. Find its elegant design in the smartphone store that gives you deeply admire and feel amazing.


This type of phone makes you wonder in amazement. There is no phone offering the same camera feature as Honor 20 Pro.

Apart from its completed technology for photography and video, this model has a wonderful camera design. Yes, it provides you with a quad-camera setup.

It presents the users with four pocketable cameras and offers them a feeling like a professional photographer. You can choose to use one of the fourth cameras for your needs.

If you want epic landscape shots, you can select the super wide-angle lens. For ultra-clear zoom, you can take a telephoto lens. Meanwhile, you can select a macro lens for up-close beauty. 

Last but not least is its standard lens with 48 MP. This lens is suitable for everyday moments. It will capture every detail of the photo object and presents you with striking clarity, including shooting from a distant point.

In the smartphone store, this model has strength in its camera features. It allows you to capture during the nighttime. By using super night mode, you can have a clear photo with low-light.

For a selfie, you don’t need to doubt it. With a 32MP selfie camera, it can produce a high-resolution photo. You can have not only a clear selfie but also a brighter shot.


The phone storage is wonderful as well. It serves the user with a high capacity memory.

By having 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM, it is leading in speed and capacity storage. It allows you a quick result in accessing the phone.

Moreover, it has a wide range of space to keep your memory, especially photos with high-resolutions. So, you don’t need to worry about its capability.


This type of phone has multiple advantages if you compare it with other phones with the same function. One of its strengths is battery durability.

The battery can last for all-day use. Although the battery capacity is a typical value of 4,000mAh, it can be used for calling up to 29 hours. 

With its supercharge design, you can charge it for 30 minutes due to its 55 percent charging speed. So, it is suitable for a busy person in the modern era.


Another advantage of this smartphone model is its sensor system. You can operate the power button with its fingerprint sensor. It is faster and more sensitive to unlock your phone.

This sensor system can guarantee your phone safety. Thus, access the smartphone store now and choose Honor 20 Pro as your favorite phone.