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Honkai: Star Rail hits PS5 on October 11 — new story and combat details revealed


Greetings to all! I’m delighted to share some exciting news about our latest space fantasy RPG: Honkai: Star Rail. Thanks to the unwavering support of our loyal community and the tireless efforts of our development team, I am pleased to announce that Honkai: Star Rail will release for PS5 on October 11, 2023.

Realms of fantastic unknowns await you

Have you ever gazed up at the starry night sky and let your imagination wander beyond the confines of our world? Or perhaps you have imagined a train patiently parked, ready to depart on an exciting journey? In Honkai Star Rail, a train travels among the twinkling stars, witnessing many awe-inspiring realms. These realms can encompass a futuristic space station, a desolate snow-covered terrain, or even a colossal spaceship sailing through the vast expanse of the void.

In Honkai: Star Rail, you will step into the shoes of the protagonist and embark on an odyssey through the cosmos aboard the Astral Express. Embracing the mantle of The Trailblazer, you will venture to the far reaches of the universe, uncovering the veiled truths of ancient legends, engaging in both exploration and combat across various realms. You will extend a helping hand to those in need, forging strong alliances along the way. In the meantime, we are committed to providing you with an immersive gaming experience, whether you’re cruising through outer space, traveling through snowy landscapes, or even diving into roadside dumpsters. Join us, dear Trailblazer, as we reach for the stars and embark on this limitless cosmic exploration together.

Many worlds to explore and companions to meet.

Exploration is at the core of every adventure, and rest assured you’ll find abundant opportunities to delve into unique cultures, meet trusted companions, and discover captivating landscapes as you venture through uncharted realms.

In the world of Honkai: Star Rail, your adventure begins at the Herta Space Station, a futuristic place filled with all kinds of high-tech gadgets. It’s Madame Herta of the Genius Society who owns this place, and she was first created to gather all kinds of interesting things called Curios. But as time went by, it became a scientific research center managed by Herta’s followers. In this place you will come across Kafka, an elegant lady who gave you a wake-up call by injecting you with a Stellaron when the Antimatter Legion was causing chaos. Kafka is a Stellaron hunter and lives life to the limit. She’s a mix of intriguing and mysterious vibes, but she’s definitely not one to mess with. We don’t know much about her, except that she’s a big shot in the Stellaron Hunters and is on the radar of quite a few organizations, for all the wrong reasons.

As your journey begins, you and the crew will head to Jarilo-VI, a snow-covered planet with secrets and dangers lurking beneath its icy surface. The Eternal Frost wiped out almost all life here, but amidst this unforgiving backdrop, humanity’s last bastion, the city of Belobog, stands firm against the icy clutches. The city is divided into two halves: the Overworld and the Underworld. The Overworld is full of life and peace, with heaters on the streets to protect you from the cold. On the other hand, the Underworld is the very image of desolation, marked by scattered ruins. As you tour Jarilo-VI, you may meet people with unique personalities who could become your companions. Bronya is one of those characters. As heir to the Supreme Guardian, Bronya was taught by her mother that the well-being of the inhabitants of the underworld must be sacrificed to keep Belobog’s civilization alive. But Bronya has always been skeptical of this idea. Unexpectedly, she joins your group and ends up in the Underworld. What changes are coming? Well, you’ll have to dive into the game to find out.

After departing Belobog, your path will take you to the Luofu, one of the flagships of the Xianzhou Alliance’s galactic fleet. The Xianzhou Luofu is a silk punk vessel that is home to three important long-lived species: the Vidyadhara, the Foxians, and the Xianzhou natives. Each of these species possesses unique abilities that contribute to the security of the Alliance. When you set foot on the Xianzhou Luofu, the ship was in the middle of a Stellaron crisis. Under the directives of General Jing Yuan, the crisis had been temporarily stopped, but a greater threat under the dark tide was gradually emerging. Renowned for his dedication to managing daily affairs and preventing unforeseen problems, Jing Yuan can appear disinterested or lethargic due to his numerous responsibilities, earning him the nickname Sleepy General. However, when the situation demands it, Jing Yuan can quickly transform into a determined leader, showing the thunderous and assertive side of him.

The ideas shared above simply provide a glimpse of what lies ahead, and we are still at the beginning of the intergalactic journey. There is much more to look forward to. We’re excited to see how your expedition shapes history, Trailblazer.

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Combat 101: Combat Fundamentals

Being a space fantasy RPG, we highly recommend that you delve, unearth, and immerse yourself in the story. However, as you eagerly reveal the interactive Easter eggs placed on the maps, you may also encounter formidable adversaries. While active exploration is not a prerequisite for combat, beware of enemies scattered in various locations, as they will initiate attacks upon detecting your presence!

As you progress through the turn-based combat game, both sides alternate their actions. Your task is to skillfully orchestrate your companions’ basic attacks, skills, ultimate abilities, and automatically activated talents to engage in battles against enemies. Additionally, selecting companions aligned with the appropriate Path before each encounter is also crucial. For example, Path of Erudite characters excel at dealing widespread area-of-effect damage, making strategic use of their abilities critical to turning the tide of battle. A good example is the aforementioned General Jing Yuan, who belongs to the Path of Erudition. By taking advantage of his ability or his ultimate ability, he can deal damage simultaneously to multiple enemies.

Honkai Star Rail hits PS5 on October 11 — new

Meanwhile, to achieve victory, attacking alone would not be enough. That’s where the secondary characters come in and Gepard stands out as an exceptional choice. He follows the Path of Preservation, which allows him to redirect enemy attacks away from his allies, create protective shields, and build a strong defense for the entire team.

1694745598 789 Honkai Star Rail hits PS5 on October 11 — new

As your adventure unfolds, dear Trailblazer, you will gradually unveil deeper mysteries related to the Paths and the enigmatic Aeons.

Limited Pre-Order Pack Now Available for Trailblazers on PS5

In preparation for the launch of Honkai: Star Rail on PlayStation 5, we’ve created a special pre-order package to help you start your journey on a great note. Just a friendly reminder that this unique offer will only be available for a limited time. Don’t forget to take advantage and secure your reservation before October 11.

The package contains the following items: Star Rail Pass x2, Credit x150,000, Adventure Log x80, Scarce Ether x50, Trick Snack x10, Diet Fried Rice x10, Bottled Soda x10, Life Transmitter x10, Traveler's Guide x15, Ether Refined x5, Lost Crystal x5

Pom-Pom the driver and I eagerly await your arrival aboard the Astral Express, ready to welcome you with open arms, Trailblazer.

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