Honda praises its cute electric e for the summer launch

Fans of cute, boxy cars, beware! The production model of the electric Honda e has just been unveiled in Frankfurt along with the latest specifications and prices. The good news is that much of what we liked in the last prototype will be shipped in the summer of 2020. Bad news? The small battery and price – although it is not Unfortunately.

The Honda e is launched in the UK and Germany from £ 26,160 and € 29,470respectively. The basic model is equipped with a compact 35.5 kWh battery that can fully transport passengers 220 km. The Honda e produces 134 hp (or 152 hp if you upgrade the basic engine) and has fast charging with a claimed zero to 80 percent load in 30 minutes.

For comparison: the basic model of the new Volkswagen ID.3 has a 45kWh battery and offers 205 km range for about the same price, while Tesla & # 39; s more expensive basic model 3 has a 50kWh battery and a specified range of 240 km.

The Honda e-dashboard with five screens.
Image: Honda

Other features include side-mounted cameras that replace conventional mirrors with 6-inch screens mounted in the corners of the digital dashboard with five screens across the full width. There are two 12.3-inch LCD touch screens in the center to display infotainment, while an 8.8-inch screen acts as the driver's instrument panel. "Okay Honda" activates the personal assistant, who adjusts to the driver over time. Finally, the My Honda + service and app offers users, among other things, remote climate control, security and location monitoring and digital key access to lock and unlock the car.

The Honda e is yet another sub-30k EV in an increasingly busy market for your transport fees. So if this city car is too cute or too limited for you, then stick around a bit, because there is more than enough to choose from.