Homeless man made last bed for his trusty Jack Russell before he died in the night outside Costa

A “sweet” known rough sleeper was seen outside a branch of Costa’s just before Christmas just hours before he died in the night making a final bed for his trusty Jack Russell.

Jonathan Ellerington, 41, was a regular in Hull city center and was known for always having his beloved dog Teddy by his side, but he also had a partner and a loving family.

An inquest into his death ruled it a drug-related death and CCTV footage showed him losing consciousness several days before Christmas on December 17, 2021.

This is evident from figures published by the ONS this week the number of homeless people dying on the streets in 2021 had risen by almost eight percent compared to the previous year.

Jon was described by his sister as a “sweet man” who was devoted to his dog Teddy, even making him his own bed just hours before his death

While Jon Wasn'T Technically Homeless, He Often Slept Rough With Teddy As He Struggled To Fight His Drug Addiction

While Jon wasn’t technically homeless, he often slept rough with Teddy as he struggled to fight his drug addiction

The number of deaths from homelessness will increase by eight percent in 2021

New data revealed by the ONS this week showed an estimated 741 homeless people died in England and Wales in 2021.

This was an increase of 7.7 percent compared to 2020.

Some of the leading causes of death were suicide (13.4 percent), drug-related deaths (35 percent), and intentional self-harm or similar incidents of undetermined intent (11.8 percent).

Covid-19 was involved in 26 deaths.

The vast majority of street deaths were men, consistent with previous years.

London had the highest number of deaths at 154 – 21 percent of the total – followed by North West England at 114 or 15 percent.

Polly Neate, managing director of the homeless organization Shelter, said the numbers were “absolutely appalling and unacceptable,” adding: “Our frontline services are seeing more people who are out of options, becoming homeless and having the very real possibility of sleeping . rough.

“This will be one of the toughest winters yet, as so many people struggle against rising rents while housing benefits remain frozen.

“The government has promised to end rough sleeping, but it is getting worse instead of better.

“They need to thaw out immediately and raise housing benefits to protect people from the ravages of homelessness this winter, and to keep people off the streets for good, it needs to invest in building quality social housing.”

There was a sharp rise in estimated suicides to 99 people, or 13.4 per cent of all homelessness deaths in England and Wales, while 259 people are believed to have died in drug-related incidents.

Jon left behind a daughter for whom he had tried to kick his drug addiction, his beloved Jack Russell, who is now cared for by his family, and seven siblings.

On the night of his death, several people tried to check on Jon and two men even left him food.

Unfortunately, he was found lifeless on the sidewalk the next morning.

Jon had been desperately trying to end his drug use so he could see his daughter, the inquest found Thursday.

Although he was often seen sleeping in the street, he owned a house in Gipsyville, Hull and lived with his partner.

But sometimes he would take Teddy to the city center and sleep in a rough environment.

Following his death in Hull on December 18 last year, an autopsy revealed that Jon had potentially lethal levels of heroin in his system, along with evidence of methadone, painkillers and tranquilizers, which would have affected his breathing and slowed his heart .

Jon’s sister described her brother as a “sweet man,” saying, “Jon occasionally stopped doing the drugs and went cold turkey, but it was never going to last.”

“He actually got clean for two years because he wanted to keep in touch with his daughter. During that time he managed to get work at Wren Kitchens and Crown Paints.’

In a statement, she added: “He also took care of my boys sometimes. He was such a likeable guy and was always seen as the nice uncle. He was also a bit of a prankster.’

His sister said an incident in high school had deeply affected him and contributed to his later addiction.

Many who had seen Jon in the center of town assumed he was homeless, as he was often seen on the street. He never challenged the assumption that he was homeless when approached by people offering help.

Shortly after his death Trunk is alive was told that a desperate attempt had been made to find shelter for Jon just days before he was found dead, after a passerby worried about his plight in the frigid temperatures.

Sophia Jama tried to make sure Jon had shelter after telling her he had been sleeping near the Anlaby Road overpass.

Jon Often Took Teddy Into Hull City Center And Made Up His Dog Bed Next To Him. Teddy Has Now Been Taken In By Jon'S Family

Jon often took Teddy into Hull city center and made up his dog bed next to him. Teddy has now been taken in by Jon’s family

Jon Was Described By His Sister As A

Jon was described by his sister as a “sweet guy,” a “nice uncle,” and “a bit of a jokester”

He Was Found Dead Outside A Costa Branch In Hull By An Employee On 8 December

He was found dead outside a Costa branch in Hull by an employee on 8 December

But after contacting Hull City Council and the homeless organization Emmaus, she said she was told no accommodation was available because Jon was with Teddy.

At the time, Hull City Council expressed its condolences to Jon’s family and stressed that facilities were available for those with pets and those who were homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Emmaus also released a statement believing that Jon had access to accommodation before the tragedy.

His sister said: ‘Jon met his partner a few years ago and they stayed together until the day he died. Jon was never homeless.

“But he sometimes went into town with his dog and slept on the street.”

His sister said Jon visited her the day before he died and he was a bit worse for wear. He ran into things and she asked him to leave, but it was all in good spirits.

She said that Jon was suffering from mental and physical problems as a result of his drug addiction and that he feared he could lose a leg.

In his efforts to get clean, Jon turned to the drug and alcohol service Renew. He was in regular contact and said he had used heroin only once, in December last year, while his drug use was minimal in the six months before his death.

He also said he had no thoughts of self-harm or suicide.

Evidence was also learned from the Costa Cafe employee who found Jon on the morning of December 18. When she showed up, she saw what she thought was a bundle of clothes outside.

She later went out for a cigarette break and then realized someone was lying there, but she didn’t want to disturb him.

However, when she went back outside to open up a short time later, she saw that Jon hadn’t moved and went over to check on him. She realized he was dead.

Humberside Police are investigating Jon’s death. There had been an incident outside the Royal Hotel the day before and CCTV footage showed Jon appearing to approach security staff before shouting swear words. He was led away and there was no evidence of any violence.

CCTV footage also showed Jon arriving and sitting down outside Costa on the evening of December 17. He could be seen making his bed and a bed for his dog Teddy.

At around 8:30 p.m., he was seen slumped and appeared to lose consciousness.

Over the next few hours, the footage showed a number of people approaching Jon to check on him, a few of them interacting with his dog.

At one point, two men left him a bag of takeout food. At no point was anyone hostile or violent towards him.

Flower tributes were left at the place where Jon died. It was later revealed that his dog Teddy had been taken in by members of Jon’s family.

Lorraine Harris, the area’s coroner, decided there was no evidence that Jon intended to take his own life and concluded his death was “drug related.”

Several family members and Jon’s partner attended the inquest, which was noticed by Mrs. Harris.

She said: “My sincerest condolences go out to his family, partner and everyone who knew Jon.

“Seeing so many people here today is an indication of how much he was loved. It’s clear how much people cared about him.’

If you are affected by any of the issues addressed in this article, you can call the Samaritans toll free for support at 116 123 or visit

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