Home remedies for carpet cleaning with house hold things

Carpet cleaning is a hectic and tiring task for all the homemakers, but before calling for a service for carpet cleaning and paying an expensive rate. Let us know more about how do you clean a carpet using some home remedies and remove a stain?

Well yes! Carpet can be cleaned using some things that you already have in your house. So what are they?

Well they are just something that will simplify your work for sure. For more expert advice visit

Following are the stain remover techniques. 


Beer – a beer yes! Well, I do understand that cleaning that coffee stubborn stain is sounding impossible using a house remedy but A beer can do it just pour the beer on the carpet and scrub it with a brush and this should be done at least twice and this will help the person to clean the stain. if you think you still need professional help you can call carpet cleaning Brisbane.

Ammonia– well you can even clean the stain using ammonia , take a half cup of ammonia and pour it in approximately 2 litres of water and pour this solution on the carpet and scrub the carpet gently this will help you to clean the carpet.

Shaving cream– what? Are you surprised? That how will a stubborn stain get cleared using shaving cream? Trust me even I was before using this remedy! But yes it works wonders unknowingly. Take a scrub and brush it with putting a little shaving cream on it and then rub the floor. Clean it with some water and let it dry or you to get your clean carpet back 

Cornstarch–  a stain on the carpet while using an ink pen? Or having coffee or using some oil for work? Well not to worry make your own concoction by using some milk and corn starch make a paste and then pour it on the carpet and allow it to dry for some time and after it is dried brush It off and vacuum it up. Corn starch work wonders for an oil or a grease stain.

Salt– if you have accidentally spilt some red wine on the floor do not panic , it can get cleared using salt . take the amount of salt and sprinkle it on the floor and wait for sometime and then later once it gets dried up scrub the salt with a brush and in the case of greasy food stains one can also use salt one cup with 4 of rubbing alcohol and rub it hard on the grease stains and make sure you get this work done before it gets dried up .this will give you complete idea about how to remove stains with that if you need more information you can go to carpet cleaning reviews Brisbane.


Vinegar – Vinegar is the master and savior of the carpet cleaning as it helps to clean the dirty and bad odor stains in minutes.

This all are the house remedies one can opt for in the case of carpet cleaning  and this will surely help you to clean the carpet easily and without spending on a professional carpet cleaner  and will not be much complex as well