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Hollywood Flashback: The Ewoks gave Star Wars a taste of Emmy glory


The Star Wars universe has been part of recent Emmy talks thanks to spin-off series like The Mandalorian And Andor. In 1985, the TV movie The Ewok Adventure did the same.

Centered around the beloved characters introduced in 1983 Return of the Jedi, Ewok adventure was the first television project of Star Wars creator George Lucas (the film was a theatrical release abroad, called Caravan of Courage, an Ewok adventure). The screenplay came from Bob Carrau (who would go on to write 14 episodes of a children’s Ewoks TV series), based on Lucas’s story of a human family whose star cruiser crashes on the forest planet of Endor, stranding two children who find the fuzzy but ferocious, bear-like Ewoks to help them find their parents.

Warwick Davis repeated his Return of the Jedi role as Wicket the Ewok. It debuted as the ABC Sunday Night Movie on November 25, 1984, with some radio stations airing an audio track at the same time so viewers could experience it in a sort of “surround sound.”

THR loved: “Ewok adventure is pure enchantment and excitement,” the review read. “The performance is technically lavish and offers entertainment value on the big screen. Kids should eat it up, and special effects wizardry should impress adult fantasy fans.

It did: The film was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Children’s Program in 1985 and earned a Special Jury Award for Visual Effects.

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