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Hollywood Flashback: ‘Make Room for Daddy’ was the OG Comedian Comedy


The wonderful Mrs. Maisel became a stalwart Emmy winner shortly after the story, about aspiring comedian Midge Maisel’s quest for glory, first aired on Prime Video. In the 1950s, another comedy about a stand-up comic received the highest award from the Television Academy: Make room for daddywhich won Best New Program in 1954 and Best Comedy Series in 1955.

The ABC series “built on the trials and tribulations of an entertainer whose hectic professional life leaves him little time for his family,” as THR described it in 1953, starring real-life comedian Danny Thomas, Jean Hagen as his wife, and Sherry Jackson and Rusty Hamer as their children. In scenarios Midge can probably relate to, Danny struggles to come home from a three-month gig and his dog doesn’t recognize him, begs a journalist friend to write an article about him to get some good publicity, and loses a studio. contract because he’s not getting a nose job.

The series received critical acclaim, featuring THR proclaiming in 1954 that “very few shows can match even sporadically the consistent warmth and gentle humor of this family series.” When Hagen left after season three, Danny’s writers widowed and the show was renamed The Danny Thomas Show. It would go on to score a total of 17 Emmy nominations and five wins in 11 seasons. Maiselfor its part, has scored 80 nominations – including 14 this year – and 20 wins in five seasons.

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