Holly Willoughby surprises This Morning viewers as she rolls her eyes at Phillip Schofield


That look says it all! Holly Willoughby surprises This Morning viewers when she makes an unimpressed face at Phillip Schofield when he talks about her



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Holly Willoughby pulled an unimpressed face at co-host Phillip Schofield on This Morning when he unknowingly talked about her.

The TV host, 41, was unimpressed when Phil, 60, intervened on Tuesday during a serious talk about the 20th anniversary of the Bali bombings.

Polly Brooks MBE was in conversation with both hosts when the awkward moment occurred.

Unimpressed: Holly Willoughby surprised viewers of This Morning on Tuesday when she was seen making a face at co-host Phillip Schofield after he talked about her

Holly said to survivor Polly, “Wow, god, and even at…” before Phillip intervened.

Holly then fell silent and watched as she tugged at the face as she got frustrated.

A body language expert has claimed that Holly felt “suppressed annoyance or irritation” by Phil’s actions.

Exclusive to MailOnline, Judi James said: “Holly’s body language response when Philip spoke of her in an interview was one that is familiar to anyone who has been interrupted by their partner at a social event or by a colleague at a business meeting.

“The official response is to smile and move on, but it seemed one interruption too much for Holly, whose facial expression suggested suppressed annoyance or irritation.

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Annoyed: The TV host, 41, was unimpressed when Phil, 60, spoke about her and her feelings were clear

Judi continued: ‘She would never have been rude or unprofessional enough to roll her eyes up, but they fell down when Philip came in with his own question, just like she asked her own.

It was an emotional interview and Holly would have done well to work in a double TV act, which is to make an intentional or announcement gesture before speaking to avoid crosstalk.

She had a hand partially raised, but it seems Philip was only too happy to answer his question, and after the pensive drop of her eyes, Holly also pursed her lips to indicate a degree of displeasure.

One viewer shared the clip on TikTok, captioning it: “Holly’s eye rolls when Phil cuts her off.”

One fan wrote in the comment section, “Holly doesn’t seem impressed,” while another said, “Ha that look says it all.”

One fan shot Phillip in defense by writing, “He was probably told to say his lines in his earmold as they normally are.”

MailOnline has reached out to Holly Willoughby’s representatives for comment.

One viewer shared the clip on TikTok, captioning it: “Holly’s eye rolls when Phil cuts her off.”

They seem to be continuing with the recent “queue” controversy, where Holly and Phil were accused of skipping the line to see the Queen in state.

Holly and Phil have been the subject of online abuse in the wake of the claims, and a petition to have the duo fired from their lucrative presentation roles has reached more than 75,000 signatures in just over a week.

Ofcom has reportedly received a series of complaints about the queue as smoking viewers contact the regular to demand the pair apologize.

According to the mirrorOfcom received 55 complaints this week, while 209 complaints were filed the week before.

The weeks-long fallout from the incident — which spawned hundreds of jokes online at their expense — has sparked rival briefing wars, with relations between the presenters now strained.

Holly is also believed to be unhappy that ITV didn’t step in to support her sooner, and there has been speculation – since denied – that she could be leaving the show.

After being spotted on the official camera feed at the venue, the pair said they were there to shoot a segment for This Morning’s show, which was set to air four days later.

No TV crews were allowed in other than the official feed.

Fallout: They seem to be moving beyond the recent ‘queue’ controversy, where Holly and Phil were accused of skipping the line to see the Queen in state


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