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Hobbyist Makes Stalker a Reality in Unreal Engine 5 Downloadable Beta – WhatsNew2Day


Stalker 2 is developed in the Unreal 5 engine. A hobby developer, on the other hand, implements the original part with next-gen technology.

With Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl, a new part of the celebrated shooter series that uses Unreal Engine 5 is scheduled to be released in 2023. A hobbyist developer going by the name Red Panda is currently working on making the first Stalker from 2007 playable in the Unreal Engine 5. And the with already demonstrable success.

You can do the project today download as a beta build and play through completely (The link takes you directly to a download page translated from Russian into German).

What is the Unreal 5 variant of STALKER all about?

What you download is no final productit’s a developer build, here’s what’s listed here and probably a lot more is missing or not working.

  • Don’t expect bombast graphics: the developer has imported the original assets (models, sounds, interface, textures, etc.).
  • The version is not optimized for optimal performance. In addition, occasional crashes are to be expected. But the save system works, so use it!
  • you need one good calculator: A Geforce RTX 3060ti or RTX 2070 Super is required for 60 FPS.
  • There is no dynamic weather.
  • Only Russian text and voice output are available.
  • Existing mods for the STALKER trilogy should be convertible.

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Above all, this new version of the original stalker has one thing in particular, namely big potential: The modern engine, in combination with the preparatory work already done by Red Panda many possibilities. Because he delivers the appropriate Editor with full access equal to.

Other modders could do that with theirs old or brand new projectsnew models, textures and even a complete remake with the help of Nanite and Lumen.

Because apart from the playable version of Shadow of Chernobyl, all maps with houses, etc. from the two successors Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat are already included in the editor.

A few years ago, another project that STALKER wanted to implement in Unreal 4 attracted attention. However, the status of this development is unclear. The most recent video on the person responsible’s YouTube channel appeared more than a year ago.

Are you interested? Do you download the Unreal Engine 5 version or do you find the hobby developer’s approach unattractive in view of the many modifications based on the modded X-Ray engine of the original? And are you looking forward to STALKER 2 or will you stay away from the Zone? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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