History of Halloween & The Candies & Halloween Chocolates You Need in 2020


Each year on October 31st, the world over celebrates Halloween. That day is soon approaching, and with many traditions that Halloween asserts on follow, lies an age-old tradition of trick-or-treating. Just imagine getting hold of amazing Halloween dark chocolate or Halloween Italian snacks while trick-or-treating. 

Before we get on with acceptable candies for trick-or-treating with Halloween dark chocolates, Halloween candy bars, and other Halloween chocolates, let’s learn a little more about Halloween. 

Halloween traditionally originated as a Celtic festival of Samhain (a pagan religious festival). During this festival, people would light bonfires and wear costumes that could ward-off evil such as – ghosts and spirits. The festival was especially significant as it fell right before All Saints Day that celebrates all saints. The evening before the celebration of saints was known as All Hallows Eve and later on, came to be known as what’s called today as Halloween.

Halloween is significantly one of the most important festivals celebrated in the USA today, with a massive portion of the candies bought in the US each year being during that period. 

How Halloween Made its Way to America?

Halloween was celebrated extremely limitedly in England because of how rigid the protestant belief system was in England. However, it was far more common in the southern colonies of England. 

As some of the traditions that Celts followed fell in line with American Indians, Halloween was easily adapted into the American culture. That’s how American culture started integrating Halloween, and years later is one of the most famously celebrated holidays in the USA. 


Influenced by the European tradition of dressing up for Halloween, Americans have taken a cue and followed suit. They also dress-up in fancy costumes that are either self-made or bought for exorbitantly high rates and celebrate it with their neighborhood folk, getting together – playing pranks and partying away the night.

As Christian parents were encouraged by community leaders and newspapers to avoid doing frightening things as a part of Halloween celebrations, Halloween lost most of the superstition associated with it.

The Best Candies for Halloween Trick-or-Treating

  • The Mixed Citrus Hard Candy – The hard mixed citrus hard candies stay are flavored with fruity citruses that not on;y give them a flamboyant bright color and acidic zingy taste, but also awake one’s senses. These are one of the most commonly desired kinds of candies. They also have a long-lasting flavor, lingering in one’s mouth long after having eaten it, making one’s mouth water at the thought of it. It is equally sweet and sour at all times. 
  • Licorice Creamy Filled Hard Candy – If you know your neighbors to be someone who loves endorsing complex herby flavored candies that are hardened jellies that can instantly satisfy your cravings. Licorice is an extract from the licorice plant that is favored, much loved, and desired over plenty of continents. Licorice is a solid flavor that most people love and desire and of the favorites among younger children. 
  • Coffee Creamy Filled Hard Candy – Another one of the most famous kinds of toffees that most people love to share among friends and family a friendly dose of surprisingly sugary coffee. The creamy center filled with coffee is soft, and the hardened candy outside makes the chew and bite that much more exciting for the one tasting it. 
  • Assorted Candy with Fruit, Milk, Chocolate & Coffee – Lastly, the hard candies and fruity jellies that come in a plethora of flavors, one surprise at a time, a constantly revolving magical array of flavors is what makes Halloween exciting. These toffees are made using no artificial coloring or flavoring, made from the produce grown in Italy itself, carrying the purity of flavors from the products sourced within the land. 

These are the four kinds of candies that you should stock up on right away, and let the kids and friends in your neighborhood give a try this year when they go trick-or-treating. These Halloween candy bars will be an instant hit among everyone.