Hiring A Moving Company Versus Moving Yourself

Moving to or from New York City can be stressful. It is a decision between moving on your own or hiring a moving company. Of course, finding the right moving company is important. There are things you need to mull over. The packing is just the start, but there are many more things to consider and do. Even if you are an expert at traveling, moving is another thing. You need to consider the moving costs. Find the most affordable moving companies nyc. You should ask what you need to look for in a moving company.

Whether you decide to move on your own or hire a moving company, there are pros and cons. The pros of hiring a moving company include the following:

  • Convenience

Moving is a physically demanding and exhausting process. When you hire a moving company, you make moving hassle-free. You only need to worry about getting yourself there or carrying some stuff. The physical labor will be done by the movers.

  • Express Service

When you hire a moving company, it will not only be easier but also faster. In a short time, your things will be transferred to where you will move. It takes longer when you do it by yourself. It saves you time.

  • Secured Items

You are assured that your things are in good hands. It would be so difficult to transport fragile stuff by yourself. But moving companies do their best to secure your items during loading, transporting, and unloading. They also have insurance policies in case there are damages (which are rare).

  • Accountable

The moving company is liable and accountable for any damages that occur during the loading, transporting, and unloading processes. Unlike when you handle moving on your own, then any damage will be your fault. 

The cons include:

  • Expensive

When you hire a moving company, expect to pay a hefty sum. If you can afford it, there is no problem. But if you are on a tight budget, hiring movers would be a burden for you.

When you move to another town, the price is about 700 dollars or more. Expect a higher price when you are moving outside the state, around a thousand dollars or more. If this is out of your budget, then moving by yourself with the help of friends would be a better and cheaper option.

  • It’s their schedule, not yours.

There is a schedule for the movers’ availability. You can’t tell them when to move. Instead, you need to wait for their schedule. It would be difficult to find a company to suit your whims if you planned to hire one recently or the next day. It is also hard to get their services in May or June because these are the peak months.

  • It does not guarantee a completely hassle-free move.

You will still do the packing and labeling unless you avail of their “white glove” service, where they do everything for you, including the packing.

Despite these cons, the pros outweigh them, especially in special situations. For example, if you are living alone and have no close friends or relatives near you who can help you move or if you cannot lift your heavy household items, If you want to be free from the stress of moving and are on a tight schedule, then hire a moving company.

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