US is seeing a 30% increase in demand as the US faces Saint Nick shortage. There are currently 2,250 jobs available.

A company that rents out Santas has claimed there is a “national shortage” after demand has risen 30 per cent, with 2,250 vacancies to play Saint Nick across the country., which was featured on NBC Shark Tank about 11 months ago, it is struggling to meet a high volume of requests this year as older employees retired or faced health issues due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“If you’re looking for a Santa on a weekend, it may be too late this year, but we already have people wanting to book Santa for 2023,” said CEO Mitch Allen. FOX 59 in Indianapolis.

“For every Santa Claus that reaches out to us, there are 20 open positions that we have,” he added.

One reason for Santa’s newfound popularity is that many Americans are looking to rediscover a tradition that may have been lost during the lockdown stemming from the coronavirus pandemic.

The new popularity of Santa Claus in the US is tied to many Americans wanting to revive a tradition that may have been lost during the lockdown stemming from the coronavirus pandemic. Ceo Mitch Allen (Left) Says That CEO Mitch Allen (left) says “for every Santa” applied for, there are 20 open positions at his company

A Shortage Of Santas Across The United States Has Been Linked To Older Employees Retiring Due To Fears Of Contracting Covid-19 Or Exhaustion From The Demands Of The Job.

A shortage of Santas across the United States has been linked to older employees retiring due to fears of contracting COVID-19 or exhaustion from the demands of the job.

“We are seeing a huge demand for Santa entertainment this Christmas season,” Allen told

Larry Shaw, who has worked as an elf for the past 44 years in Indiana’s capital and is also known as ‘the Circle City Santa’, says he’s never been as busy as he is this year.

“On the weekends, from Friday night to Sunday night, I have time to go home, go to bed, get up and start over,” he told FOX 59.

The Santa-for-hire industry veteran further stated that he has had to work almost every day for the past two to three months. Each weekend consists of various Christmas related events and most weekdays have at least one event.

“I have a few places here and there that I can fit people into,” Shaw said, stressing that the only availability he has left is mostly weekdays.

Larry Shaw, Who Plays Santa In The Indianapolis Area, Says He Doesn'T Have Time To Rest On The Weekends, When Most People Pray For Saint Nicholas.

Larry Shaw, who plays Santa in the Indianapolis area, says he doesn’t have time to rest on the weekends, when most people pray for Saint Nicholas.

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Shaw has been one of Santa’s helpers for 44 years and is also known as the ‘Circle City Santa’.

“There are still a lot of places where there are public appearances, a lot of your malls are still doing it,” he added, noting that some of his colleagues have hung up their black boots and red coats due to concerns about intensity. from work and concerns stemming from COVID-19.

“They’re getting old and they don’t want to take the chance,” the Indiana native said.

Craig Stone, another Santa who lives in Indianapolis, says it’s 50 to 75 percent busier than it was last year.

In 2021, Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus look-alikes worked 20 percent more than before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2019, according to IBRBS, a global membership organization of approximately 2,000 professional Saint Nick actors. .

Despite The Santa Shortage, Allen Said There Has Also Been An Increase In Diversity Requests In Recent Years.

Despite the Santa shortage, Allen said there has also been an increase in diversity requests in recent years.

Last Year, Had 10 Percent Fewer Santas Available, While Saint Nick'S Requests Had More Than Doubled Since 2019.

Last year, had 10 percent fewer Santas available, while Saint Nick’s requests had more than doubled since 2019.

Meanwhile, CEO Mitch Allen, who has asked for $200,000 in exchange for a 10 percent stake in his company on Shark Tank, also said there has been a surge in requests to hire Santas of all kinds. of origins.

“There’s been a huge increase in demand for Black Santas, Hispanic Santas, even ASL, or American Sign Language Santas and Mrs. Claus,” Allen told FOX 59.

Based in Fort Worth, Texas, also struggled with staffing last year.

The company had 10 percent fewer Santas available, while requests for Saint Nicholas had more than doubled since before COVID, according to CNN.

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