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Hilarious signs that are not informative but will leave you giggling

Sign of a good sense of humor! Hilarious notices that will make you giggle – from a Frying Nemo fish and chip shop to a clothing label warning to ‘remove child before washing’


Signs are usually informative or warning the public, but sometimes they’re just there to put a smile on your face. A new gallery curated by Daily Choices showcases some of the funny characters people around the world have seen, including a fish and chip shop in Carlton, North Yorkshire, who decided to play a clever game with worlds calling their restaurant Frying Nemo .

This establishment doesn’t care who uses the bathroom, all they care about is that you wash your hands afterwards.

This is a very informative sign, but rumor has it that people are circling the building looking for the 15th floor.

This restaurant, in the US, knows its customers well and has even secured a spot for its loyal customers with a funny sign.

This confusing sign guarantees customers fast service ‘however long it takes’, at least you can have a giggle while you wait.

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Based in Seattle, Washington, this sign company markets geniuses for sharing hilarious signs to advertise their business.

The shop assistants in this shop really go out of their way to give their customers a ‘demonstration’ of the toilet.

Emma Peel, from the Netherlands, noticed this funny label on her children’s sweater that warned people to ‘remove the child before it is washed’.

This sign in Japan kindly asked its customers to “urinate precisely and elegantly,” making it sound like an Olympic sport.

This restaurant in the US gets a 10 percent discount when you order with Sean Connery’s Scottish accent.

This sign outside Holly Ridge Veterinary Hospital, in North Carolina, knows that cats just do what they feel like, when they feel like it and they won’t text you back.

Cierra Parker, from the US, shared this very clever board that probably put a big smile on many faces.

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