Highlighter 101: Everything you need to glow

If you’re like us and always trying to create a natural, healthy glow with your makeup, you’ll want to introduce a highlighter into your daily routine. The right highlighter can be the perfect addition to your daily makeup routine, showcasing your best features and giving a final polished look to your makeup. We teamed up with DB Cosmetics to bring you everything you need to get your best GLOW.

What is highlighter?

Face highlighters are the answer to natural, glowy makeup. They enhance your complexion and give your skin a brighter, dewy look. They can be used to highlight cheekbones and accentuate your bone structure as well as across your full face to give your skin an overall glowing appearance. 

How to choose a highlighter?

The first step in choosing the best highlighter for you is to decide between either a pressed highlighter powder or a stick cream highlighter – both have their own beautiful benefits.

A highlighter powder helps to set your makeup to give you a fresh finish that lasts all day. When it comes to where to apply an illuminator, the simplest answer is everywhere. Layer your illuminator under your foundation or try mixing it with your foundation to soften the effect. We love DB’s Natural Ground Mineral Finishing Illuminator. Unlike other illuminating highlighters, there are no nasty chemicals, talc, bismuth, fragrance, parabens and oils in the formula. Instead, you’ll get a natural glow with a side of skin-caring properties and ingredients that are safe for your skin. 

A stick highlighter has more of a creamy finish and can be blended seamlessly on top of your other makeup to give your skin a dewy finish. Make sure to blend thoroughly with a brush, sponge, or your fingertips to get the most natural light-catching dimension possible. Where powder may sink into the grooves in your skin, a stick highlighter is great for mature skin because it won’t showcase any fine lines or wrinkles. Easy to carry around in your handbag, this is the perfect highlighter for touch-ups on the go.

When to apply highlighter?

The whole point of using a highlighter is to make your skin look healthy and glowy. So the best place to start is with your usual skin prep of cleansing and moisturising to ensure you’ve got a healthy base. Face highlighters work great when worn alone but if you do like a bit of coverage, now would be the time to apply your foundation before reaching for your highlighter.

Where to apply highlighter?

Where to apply highlighter depends on your face shape and facial features but whether you’re applying a highlighter powder with a brush or directly blending a highlighter stick, you want to place the product on the same areas of your face. Start by focusing on the high points that would naturally catch the light; the tops of your cheekbones, the brow bone, the center of your chin, the cupid’s bow, the center of your forehead, the tip of your nose, and sometimes even on the bridge of the nose.


How to apply highlighter?

The best application will depend on your selected highlighter. A powder highlighter works best when it’s lightly dusted over the selected area using a powder brush. Whereas a cream or stick highlighter can be applied directly to the skin and blended using either clean fingers or a beauty sponge. And for smaller areas like your lips, nose, or eyes, a small compact pencil brush will help give you precise placement. 

You will find everything you need to create the perfect look in DB’s collection of makeup brush sets. Their sets include brushes with super-soft vegan bristles, specifically designed to help you apply every type of highlighter makeup like a pro. 

The perfect highlighter is designed to give your skin a natural, glowing-from-the-inside look.  Get your glow on with DB’s range of skin-loving highlighters and other glowing makeup products.