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High hopes for revealing GTA 6 tonight at the PlayStation Showcase event.. | -WhatsNew2Day


It seems that the GTA 6 community still has high hopes that the game will be revealed during the PlayStation Showcase event tonight. The game started to occupy the trend on social media platforms because of that, and there is a great positive interaction from the thirsty community.

By following us on social media platforms, Twitter In particular, it seems that there is a large group of fans who have high hopes for the appearance of the game tonight within the various announcements that will take place during the event, which is expected more than two years ago.

Rockstar usually does not take advantage of such events in order to reveal its titles, especially the big ones, and for the first time. But this does not make us rule out that there will be a change in this habit that has lasted for years now.

Tonight we have the PlayStation event, which we have waited for more than 600 days so far, and there are many great titles that Sony is preparing to unveil from PlayStation Studios and its third-party partners such as Konami, perhaps Capcom, Kojima Productions, and others.

But would Rockstar be among them? This question may be difficult to answer for two reasons, one positive and the other negative. Let’s start with the positive, which is that Sony may be looking for a powerful weapon in the meantime in order to confront Microsoft’s deal to acquire the publisher of Call of Duty, which is close to success, so you may need to compensate for the impact of this blow through a strong partnership with a third party, and it may be Rockstar and GTA 6 is the ultimate weapon she can count on to do so at PlayStation Showcase tonight at least.

This is for the positive reason, but the negative is, as I mentioned at the beginning of this report, that Rockstar prefers to reveal its big titles separately. However, this does not preclude a change in the plan and attracting more lights through a major event such as the PlayStation Showcase.

The matter remains subject to expectations, and we have nothing but to wait a little time until the start of the PlayStation event, which will start at exactly 11:00 pm this Wednesday.

Until then, share your predictions with us, do you think we’ll see the Rockstar logo appear on screen tonight at the PlayStation event?

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