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Hideo Kojima chose the cast of Death Stranding 2 himself.. | -WhatsNew2Day


a statement Hideo Kojima The founder of Kojima Productions, that he chose the cast himself for the game Death Stranding 2. He confirmed that he does not appoint agencies specialized in casting actors in his games, but rather he does it himself so that he calls them “partners” in the game.

In a tweet he posted Kojima via his official account Twitter, through which he talked about how he chose the talents of the characters that we will see in the game Death Stranding 2. He said that he uses specialized agencies to sift the appropriate contracts to perform the role in the game. But when the time comes to cast, he does it himself.

Kojima The reason he did this, he said, was because he knew that making and developing games was “difficult and pressure-based.” Therefore, he is always keen to choose people who bear pressure and face difficult situations with him during the game development process. He continued:

“Since I spend a very long period of time working with voice actors and actors, I don’t allow agencies to cast actors. Various issues frequently occur in imaging, audio recording, and game creation. I have chosen DS2 actors and actresses as special partners with whom I can fight together.”

Currently, the DS2 game has stars and big names such as Elle Fanning, Léa Seydoux, Norman Reedus, Shioli Kutsuna, Troy Baker, and Kevin Ko. In a separate tweet, he revealed Kojima He still thinks of the Japanese game team. Also, as part of his efforts to identify talent, he would study and watch cartoons.

The game currently does not have any release date and we believe we will see more of it during the upcoming Summer Game Fest event.

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