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‘He’s allowed to contest the ball’: Giants to contest Greene, Hogan bans at tribunal

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'He's allowed to contest the ball': Giants to contest Greene, Hogan bans at tribunal

Greater Western Sydney will challenge the AFL one-match suspensions of Toby Greene and Jesse Hogan in a bid to free them to face the Brisbane Lions on Anzac Day.

The league’s game review officer on Sunday charged Greene with rough conduct with Jordan Boyd and Hogan for punching Lewis Young in separate incidents during the Giants’ 19-point loss to Carlton on Saturday.

The pair will argue their case in court on Tuesday, a week after Lions forward Charlie Cameron escaped his one-match suspension due to “exceptional and compelling circumstances” due to a clean record in 207 games.

Giants captain Greene, who has a long history of indiscretions, faces his first suspension in more than two years for his midair punch with the Carlton defender.

Greene advanced toward the ball and jumped to score, but turned his body just before colliding and made contact with the head of Boyd, who was retreating with the flight of the ball.

Boyd immediately got up to take a free throw and ended the game.

Greene’s actions were graded as careless conduct, medium impact and high contact after coach Adam Kingsley ruled out the incident after the game.

“There won’t be any of that,” Kingsley told reporters after the game.

“He’s allowed to challenge for the ball, right? Is he allowed to dive for the ball?

“And if you’re running and shooting for the ball, and you’ve got your eyes on the ball, and you’re trying to make a mark on the chest, and you get hit… free throw against?

Hogan’s left-footed strike to the head of Blues defender Young during an off-ball fight in the goal was rated as intentional, low-impact, high-contact conduct.

The spearhead has been in excellent form this season, topping the Coleman Medal standings with 21 goals in six games.

The Giants are 5-1, while last year’s grand finalist Brisbane is 2-4.

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