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“Hertha regenerates – Decision on Schwarz is pending”


After falling to the last place in the table, Hertha BSC’s usual regeneration training does not take place on the pitch.

Coach Sandro Schwarz gathers his players after returning from 2: 5 at Schalke 04 for a “regenerative unit together in the dressing room”, as the Berlin Bundesliga club put it. Afterwards there will probably be a joint run.

A media round with the head coach, which is usually usual, but this time was not announced before the miserable Friday evening game, does not take place.

It is therefore still unclear whether Schwarz will also take care of Hertha in the remaining six games of the season. Immediately after the bankruptcy in the Schalke Arena, sports director Benjamin Weber avoided a clear commitment to the coach.

“After a 2: 5 we will not have a personnel discussion directly on site. But it is also clear that we will go home and analyze the situation completely,” said Weber. You will “turn every stone”.

Felix Magath saved Hertha BSC in the pre-season

Schwarz had expressed understanding for this attitude and made the defensive behavior responsible for the defeat.

In view of the financially precarious situation of the Berliners, there is not much scope for a costly emergency solution for the coach. In the previous season, Felix Magath took over for the end of the season and ultimately saved the Berliners from falling into second division in the relegation against HSV (0:1/2:0). Black was then hired as head coach.

The last coach from Berlin to have been in office for a full season is club icon Pal Dardai, who looked after Hertha from 2015 to 2019 and then again for a shorter period from January to November 2021. Dardai currently has no coaching job.

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