<pre><pre>Hero of London food waste | Poverty and Development

Josephine Liang, originally from Hong Kong, became interested in food waste while attending high school in India. Just down the mountain from the school was one of the worst slums in India. Many of the children and adolescents of their age were visibly malnourished. This was with Liang, especially when he learned that his scholarship could have financed the education of at least 40 of them.

"I have to do something, otherwise I feel like I've stolen the opportunity from someone else who could have been in my position," Liang said.

Since then, Liang has been dedicated to the redistribution of food, doing everything possible from diving in garbage bins and keeping packaged meals to investigating furiously furiously investigating the science behind food waste, as well as learning the laws and regulations of London with regarding those foods.

Filmmaker: Elie Gardner