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Here’s Why You Need a Lawyer When Involved in an Accident

Every year, millions of car crashes occur in the United States, some minor and others, major. The moments after an accident are one of the most confusing; whether it’s your first time or not, you’re still taken by surprise. Everyone knows the next thing they should do is get medical attention but is that all there is to it? 

What if the accident wasn’t your fault? Would your insurance cover it or what do you do next? Well, that’s why you need to hire a lawyer after you’ve been involved in an accident. After an accident, insurance companies send a lot of paperwork your way. There would be forms to sign, statements to make, medical records to provide as part of their investigation. All those aren’t tasks you want to take on alone. An attorney has your interest in mind and would represent you throughout the process; defending your rights. 

This article covers the reasons why you need an accident lawyer.

1.  They’ve Got Detailed Knowledge Of The Law

Except if you’re a lawyer who got involved in an accident, it’s very possible that you know little or nothing at all about what the law says in your case. That’s one reason why you need experienced accident lawyers as they can determine what laws are related or relevant to your case and they provide an in-depth understanding of those laws and how they would be interpreted. 

This way you get to save time that would have been on research and focus on your recovery. In case you have to sue, you wouldn’t have to bother about preparing for any paperwork, learning how to file, format, knowing what is admissible in court, or other legal stuff. Take advantage of a good attorney who’s knowledgeable enough to get you through a lawsuit.

2.  Provide You With Advice

As an accident victim, there are questions you would have that no one might have answers to apart from your lawyer. Questions like: Whose insurance policy will take care of your medical bills? How about who’s going to pay for your car damages? Would you be entitled to receive damages for your pain?

Having an experienced accident attorney in your side corner would provide you with the much-needed knowledge that’ll guide you through the process. Sometimes the invaluable advice of a car accident solicitor Brisbane comes in very handy. You may not need to get to court to settle some matters. 

3.  Estimate The Value Of Your Injuries

A somewhat complicated part of several car accident claims is ensuring you get the compensation that truly represents the actual value of your claim and the damages you have incurred. So, why do you need an attorney here? It is common practice with insurance companies to try and convince injury victims to accept settlements that do not match with what they deserve and will work very hard to pay little for their claim.

When you hire attorneys who have got experience handling numerous accident claims, they know the true value of your injuries and would not accept any compensation that does not cover the full extent of what you’ve truly lost. They would help secure the settlement offer you rightly deserve and recover all your past and future losses. Whether it’s medical bills (old and new ones), income, and pain and suffering damages, they help you value what they’re worth and get it.  

4.  Settlement Negotiation 

We’ve established that insurance companies may try to refute your claim or pay lesser fees than your claim is actually worth. Accident lawyers are abreast with what information would level the playing field and get you your claim. If your claim was denied, the attorney can appeal to the court for as long as you want till you win the case. Most insurance companies would offer to settle and resolve the dispute quickly. 

You might have no idea when offers for your case are considerably low, normal, or very good but an accident lawyer does. Attempting to do it yourself is setting yourself up for frustration, setbacks, and failure except, as stated earlier, you’re a good lawyer. Most accident cases need an experienced attorney who’s competent and can be aggressive when needed just in case it all ends in court. 

No matter what type of accident you were involved in or the kind of claim you want, you shouldn’t hesitate to call a lawyer after the incident. Accident lawyers are also great for investigation, negotiation, evaluation, and advocacy, so you can be certain you’re in good hands when you’re confused about the next steps to take.  

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