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Here’s how Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth compares to the original PS1 version | -WhatsNew2Day


We’ve taken a look back at some of the highlights from Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth During yesterday’s trailer, highlights of Cloud’s arrival at Chocobo’s farm and first shots of Elena, so it’s interesting to see some of these iconic scenes compared to the PS1 original.

From the comparison of Huntevs5 as you will see below, we will see the qualitative shift between the generations in all respects, we see in the upper half of the clip the completely new footage from the Rebirth remake, while in the lower half of the screen you can see how exactly those same scenes appeared more than 20 years ago in 1997.

These improvements have had some fearing that the game might get the developer making changes from the roots, but we can clearly see here that this did not happen and many of the original moments remain intact.

The game looks very good, but because of this huge upgrade it will actually be placed on two discs due to its large space, but in any case it is a great project that testifies to the amount of effort that Square Enix has put into bringing classic games to life.

A game will be launched Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Next year in early 2024 for the PS5, and Yoshinori Kitase confirmed during a previous interview that the development process is much easier than the Remake and Intergrade versions, and the reason for this is that the time period is much longer than them, as both the PlayStation 5 version and the PC had to be released. in a fairly close period of time.

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