While there are several ways to get coins on FIFA21, earning as much as 300,000 coins in every 24hrs would be more of mere wishful thinking, especially for people like me. However, thanks to the exchange market that made it possible for every player to trade as many of his/her cards as possible.

Through the trades I make, I was able to earn a whooping not less than 300,000 FIFA coins per day. Knowing fully that thousands of individuals would not even bother with my FIFA earnings because they earn hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of what I do, there are as well other players out there who are struggling to earn even just a thousand FIFA21 coins per day.

To all low FIFA coin earners and those struggling to get enough coins to build their own FIFA Ultimate Team; I feel your pains because I was once there too. This is why in this article, I’ll be discussing with you guys the exact steps I took that got me 300K FIFA coins per day. Without much ado, read below to find out my exact strategies. 


Sniping is a well-known method of trading on FIFA. It means using the Buy it Now feature on the transfer market to purchase items that are listed far more below their market prices, by outsmarting other buyers. 

There’s just too much competition for cheaper deals in the market, but to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to learn how to tweak your search filters to locate cheaper items. 

The competition is very stiff, so the best and fastest traders always win. Others employ the services of FIFA21 Autobuyers to locate and instantly purchase those cheap items. This is probably why you could only find a handful of jaw-dropping deals out there.

Thankfully, almost half of my daily coins come from sniping, and I employ the services of a Premium FIFA21 Autobuyer to find and immediately execute every purchase on my behalf. Due to my habit of always being safety conscious, I chose to go for a premium TradingBot using the FUTMillionaire app and so far, I haven’t seen or heard about any FIFA ban issue from any of their users for over a year of use now.


The bid method is the second and only brother to the BIN method of trading on the FIFA exchange market. It is also my second method that fills my 300k coins earning quota. 

With the bidding method, items are sold by the end of the timer to the highest bidder. The most interesting part of the bidding method is that items can always be purchased below their BIN (Buy it Now) price and so many competitions are eliminated because not everyone has the patience and strength to venture into a bidding kind of trade.

However, this still doesn’t rule out the fact that the competition here is also stiff; just that it is a bit relaxed, compared to the BIN method.

Here also, I use the same TradingBot to execute my bids and purchases on Autopilot. This way, I only have to insert the type of cards and price range within the parameter section on my FUTMillionaire trading app and it gets the work done for me, without actually intervening further.

Wrapping Up

My golden and overall success strategy that helps me earn up to 300,000 FIFA coins per day was automating my trades using the FUTMillionaire premium Trading Bot. All I need to do is set up the parameters and leave the rest of the work to the Bots. 

To wrap things up, it is important to keep in mind that the amount of coins you make here is greatly determined by your parameter-set. So, I hope this would help in shaping your perspective in trading on FIFA. I wish to stumble upon your FIFA trading success story on the internet in the future.