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Here’s a look at COD Black ops 4’s campaign before it was cancelled -WhatsNew2Day


COD Black Ops 4 is one of the few titles in the series that does not have a campaign or story mode. However Treyarch and Raven seem to have been testing things internally with the single player mode and it clearly got to a pretty good pace before the unfortunate cancellation.

Anyway, a clip from within the mode has been leaked and it’s about a minute long and shows the general approach the game takes in terms of action. As you will see below the snapshots are close to the alpha release stage.

Although the series is characterized by multiplayer modes, the single-player phase is still a fun thing in the COD series. The story development always shows the strong technical side of the game, even with some games in the series that were characterized by artificial intelligence, such as Call of Duty Ghosts.

Recently found in-dev cutscenes and animations from Black Ops 4’s Career campaign.
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Title COD Black Ops 4 It wasn’t the only title that faced such circumstances, we well remember Doom 4, which was to be released instead of Doom 2016. Despite making great progress in the development process, ID Software realized that this wasn’t what the Doom fans wanted, so it resorted to canceling the project. Fully.

Speaking of the Call of Duty series, according to the latest rumors, we will get Modern Warfare 3 this year and we expect to see an official Activision reveal of the game officially this summer.

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