Here’s A List Of Website Builders With The Best Security Features

If you plan on using a website builder to create a visually-impressive, professional-looking website, you need to carefully assess the features it offers. One of these key features is security for your website. You will notice that buyers are convinced about a site’s security when green padlocks are accompanying the HTTPS website and SSL certificates. These are signs that your information will be kept confidential.

A secure website will have features like firewalls, malware scanning, SSL custom certificates, and secure servers. All these can be ensured by a quality website builder. So, before choosing any site builder, you should ideally shortlist a few of the high-rated ones and then decide after reviewing their features, prices, and functionalities.

Website Builders That Guarantee Top-notch Security For Your Business:


Shopify is a website builder that has earned rave reviews for offering advanced, fool-proof security features. So, sites that use Shopify are PCI DSS compliant, which means they are not likely to fall prey to credit card scams when customers shop here. Your customers’ contact details will also be completely protected from cyber thefts.

 When you use Shopify, you will get the free customized 256-bit SSL certificates that come in all standard packages for data encryption. Shopify will also install and automatically activate all updates in its client sites so that you never have to face vulnerabilities because of security loopholes. Finally, all Shopify client sites are hosted on their secure servers so that the data is protected against viruses and malware.

Shopify offers PCI complaint security for your website


This platform is also known for offering robust security features like free dedicated SSL certificates for all websites, regardless of whether the clients use paid or free plans. This feature allows you to convert any new website into an HTTPS website, where all incoming and outgoing data is going to be encrypted. 

Wix is ISO 27018 and PCI DSS compliant, which means that all personal data will be kept private and the site cannot be compromised. The site is password-protected when you use Wix, and you may also set up individual password-protection for specific web pages to control who gets access to these. Wix also ensures that all pages and apps are up-to-date and, therefore, secure.

This site builder guarantees zero downtime, made possible because of its secure web servers that have multiple back-up points. However, one does not know whether the builder offers dedicated SSL certificates that can make a site more secure with an HTTPS status. This platform also makes it clear that there is no guarantee that when HHTPS is activated, all the users are going to be redirected to a secure site.

This platform provides a fully-managed security system, offering custom SSL certificates for building HTTPS sites. The key security features include regular malware scanning, free backups every day, high-end firewalls, and automatic updates for plug-ins for the site and WordPress platform.

But security features are for customers who purchase the Pro Plan or opt for the Do It For Me option. The latter will also encompass site maintenance, updates, etc. for protection against viruses. Those opting for can set up secure servers and custom SSL certificates, etc. when they are not keen to pay more for a Pro Plan. 

Besides, you can get an add-on domain privacy that enhances the site security, hiding all private details associated with the website. But, it is not possible to update the website and mobile site simultaneously, and this is where the drawback lies.

This platform has come out with improved security controls. You can also buy strong SSL certificates for multiple sites to protect them with a high-end SHA-2 or 2048-encryption. The security plans are quite comprehensive, are powered by Sucuri, and effective against hackers. Its features include regular malware scans, advanced security monitoring to prevent DDoS, Zero-Day attacks, and Google blacklisting, round-the-clock supports, and malware removal.


This website builder offers password-protected web pages so that sensitive information can be kept secure from hackers. It also provides built-in DDoS protection and custom SSL certificates, accompanied by a 128-bit encryption for those choosing the top-tier plans.


This site builder provides many levels of security and features multiple add-ons. These include email defense programs to safeguard business emails from malware and viruses and custom SSL certificates for the HTTPS sites. Deluxe also offers a Sitelock page that can scan sites for malware regularly and removes the threats it detects. It also provides spam monitoring, blacklisting, and 24×7 supports.


This hosting platform and site builder offers many security features in its basic plans. Free hosting comes with top-tier firewalls, regular backups, and secure servers. All the sites that use this platform are HTTPS and with custom SSL certificates. You also get round-the-clock customer support.