Here comes Big Boy: a children's story

After 50 years of exhibiting in a museum, & # 39; the world's largest steam engine finally begins to stretch its wheels and blow the cobwebs out of its steam whistle for a journey through the Midwest. Big Boy, as the locomotive is known, inspires joy in all the cities that he visits. The Union Pacific Railroad has restored the historic train engine to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad.


I have a two year old son, so you can imagine that I read a lot of books about trains. Often the same book on trains, time and time again, until it actually distorted my brain. Now I have been instructed to write the story of my own children about trains, in honor of Union Pacific locomotive no. 4014, also known as Big Boy. So here it goes.

Here comes Big Boy! Oh that's nice!

Here comes Big Boy for everyone!

Do you hear the whistle? Do you see the steam?

The biggest train you've ever seen.

Feel the rumbling along the tracks.


Do you have your camera? Do you have your snacks?

He is an old engine with a new coat of paint.

He is always on time, he is never late.

See those wheels? That is one 4-8-8-4.

Learn about wheel arrangements and more.

Big Boy is coming for a party!

One hundred and fifty years since the Completion of Transcontinental.


A cloud of smoke, a hard TOOT TOOT.

We take some pictures, it becomes a hoot!

Steam engines like him ruled the country,

rolling stock from prairies to sand.

Union Pacific No. 4014


Jump on, let's explore!

It used to be coal that made this Big Boy.

It cost £ 56,000, you wouldn't know.

Now it is oil that burns its fires,

his whistle blows, his wheels turn.


He is 132 feet tall, I bet!

That is almost as long as a passenger jet.

A million pounds, our boy is BIG!

Run right on the track, no saw or zig.

There used to be 25 locomotives if you can believe it


Now there are only eight, so you can see it better.

He has experienced it Utah, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Next stop Iowa on his Midwestern roam.

He will be there in the sun, or in the snow or in the rain.

He is the biggest boy of all, he is a lot of train.

Here comes Big Boy! Oh that's nice!

Here comes Big Boy for everyone!

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