Here are Apple and Epic’s full slideshows arguing why they should win in the process


Both Apple and Epic have released their opening presentations on why they feel they should win this week’s trial, which will determine the future of the App Store. In the documents, which you can search below, each company explains its case.

The lawsuit started when Apple removed Epic Games’ Fortnite from the App Store after Epic bypassed Apple’s system for in-app purchases. But it has turned into a much deeper examination of Apple’s walled garden approach to technology, and whether some of the walls the company is putting up may violate antitrust laws.

We went into more detail about the companies’ legal strategies prior to the trial, but you can see the same arguments in these presentations. Epic uses metaphors of brick walls and gas stations to argue that Apple’s control over what can and cannot be installed on the iPhone is unfair, and that allowing other methods to install apps wouldn’t hurt iOS security. Apple is pushing back, saying that getting the openness it wants Epic would hurt not only the App Store, but other Sony and Nintendo stores as well.