Helpful Tips for Industrial Battery Safety

Industrial batteries can be a great way to keep the system running in case of a power outage. Some industries fit the batteries as a way of reducing the power bills. Batteries should be handled with care to reduce the risk of accidents. There are high chances you can damage the batteries or get exposed to accidents if you do not take good care of the batteries. During the charging process, batteries produce hydrogen. The gas can be highly inflammable if it is let to reach high concentrations. Ensure the area where the industrial batteries are placed is well ventilated. Here are other tips to keep industrial batteries safe:

Avoid metal objects contact with the batteries.

The batteries produce electricity. You risk electrocution if you can bring metallic objects into contact. Ensure your watch, spoons, jewelry, or belts do not contact the batteries to reduce the risk of electrocution.

Avoid connecting two battery terminals.

When the two terminals are counted via objects or your body, they tend to pass electricity, and it can lead to electrocution. It may as well damage the batteries. Ensure the two terminals do not come into contact with each other to avoid the issue of electrocution.

Charge the batteries to compete for cycle

When batteries are fully charged, they can last longer. You can preserve the battery life if you can keep on charging it till it is full. Check out the manufacturer’s details, and you will know how to determine when the industrial battery is fully charged.

Avoid discharging industrial batteries below 80%

The industrial batteries should not be discharged to below 80%. Over removing the battery will ruin it. It can lead to issues in your appliances, such as blowing fuses. Your battery can last longer if you can always keep it charged before discharging.

Avoid hand guiding batteries during lifting.

There are some heavy industrial batteries you may find yourself hand guiding during lifting. It is a practice you should stop because when you hand lift the shower, you increase the risk of accidents if the battery falls.

Wear protective equipment when handling batteries

You will remain safe if you can practice safe handling when handling batteries. For instance, you should wear gloves, a hardhat, eye war, and an overall when handling the batteries. It is essential to avoid cases where the acid or the electricity can flow into your body.

Keep the battery cover open during charging.

When the industrial battery charges, the cover should be left open to avoid cases where the hydrogen gas can reach high concentrations and cause a fire risk. The place where you place the battery should have adequate ventilation to keep the battery charging comfortably. A simple step of opening the battery cover will provide the necessary ventilation to keep your battery charging safely.

Switch the charger off before disconnecting the battery

Live electricity can spark and lead to ignition. Make a point of switching off the charger before you can discount the battery. It is a safety measure that should be adhered to by all people when working with industrial batteries. Taking good care of an industrial battery can be a great way to enhance battery performance.

Be careful when handling batteries.

Batteries contain acid that can corrode if exposed to the skin. Ensure you take necessary precautions when handling the battery, or you will risk accidents. There is also a risk of electrocution if the battery is not handled well during the charging process.

Top up once the battery has been fully charged

From time to time, you may have to top up the battery. The topping process aims at replacing the liquid that evaporates during the charging process. If you top up before the battery is fully charged, it will lead to spills during the next charging process. The area where you keep the industrial batteries should be dry and clean at all times. It is necessary to keep the battery terminals clean and dry at all times to avoid electrocution.