Help DARPA find a new underground survey

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) publishes many public requests for scientific research, including high-profile competitions with robotics and space launch tech. But today the agency tweeted a lot simple means: it needs a huge, maze-like underground facility for experiments, and it needs it now.


What kind of facility exactly? Good, "The ideal space would be a man-made underground environment that includes multiple city blocks (with) complex layout and multiple floors, including atriums, tunnels and stairwells," DARPA explains. In short, it is looking for an indoor shopping mall, a metro system or a first-person shooter card from the 90s – preferably run by a university or a company that specializes in urban underground halls.

If you need even more details, the tweets are conveniently combined with photos from ideal locations – such as the New York Grand Central Terminal, an empty German light rail stationand a kind of sinister gait of which the stock markings & # 39; gloomy & # 39 ;, & # 39; waste & # 39; and & # 39; a mess & # 39; contain. Apparently the place does not have to be empty, but & # 39; spaces that are currently closed to pedestrians or that can be used temporarily for testing are interesting. ”

The official list of federal business opportunities is not as enigmatic or super villainous as those tweets. It explains that DARPA is exploring ways to quickly identify and search large underground areas – a project likely to be related to SubT challenge, which is intended to help soldiers and aid workers navigate through these spaces faster. (DARPA is a military research agency, but although it is often focused on combat technologies, that is not the sum of its work – it has, for example, contributed to creating the internet with ARPANET.) The agency has performed a SubT experiment in April at the Edgar Experimental Mine in Colorado, then another one on two mines this month in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But it is noted that urban locations have their own challenges.

The SubT Challenge lists cave systems as its third type of underground environment – so cave dwellers, DARPA can also appeal to you quickly.

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