Helen Flanagan wears lingerie in a sunken monkey: Sexy mama & # 039;

Helen Flanagan

The Coronation Street actress is currently on maternity leave for her role as Rosie Webster.

While the star may be absent from the small screen, she remained active in her Helen Flanagan account.

After having welcomed her second child with her fiance, Celtic footballer Scott Sinclair, 29, in June, the baby of television is adapting to life as a mother-of-two.

Taking on her profile, the 28-year-old shared a photo of her enjoying a rare night.

Sitting in a restaurant, with a nonalcoholic cocktail in one hand, Helen captivated with a black jumpsuit.

In defending her post-baby figure, the baby relied on her pink bra while posing a storm for the camera.

Mezing a whole face of makeup, which included false eyelashes larger than real life, the Manchester native completed her glamor with a striking red nail varnish.

Tousling her bright padlocks, Helen looked worshiped to her right, where a pink stroller was parked.


HELEN FLANAGAN INSTAGRAM: Rosie Webster of Coronation Street dropped her jaws on a sinking monkey

Helen FlanaganInstagram

FAMILY MATTERS: The actress is mother of Matilda, 3, and newborn Delilah Ruby

"You are simply amazing in every way"

An Instagram Follower

Subtitling the scene for her 682k followers, she wrote: "Cocktails without alcohol at dinner".

"I'm still not ready to leave my Delilah Ruby, where I'm going, she's in the stroller next to me."

In response to the publication, an admirer marveled: "You are so beautiful", next to an emoji with eyes in the heart.

Another kid joked: "Well, you do not need alcohol to know what a smoke-cutter is when you see it," followed by a fire symbol.

"You're amazing in every way," added an impressed viewer.

While a follower simply commented: "Sexy mama."

Helen FlanaganInstagram

BOMBSHELL: Helen often accelerates racing pulses with eye-catching images like this

Helen FlanaganInstagram

MAMA LAAREST: The 28-year-old has spoken passionately in support of breastfeeding in public

Helen has recently been using her social media platform to talk passionately about the importance of mothers feeling comfortable enough to breastfeed their babies in public.

After announcing her new position as an ambassador for the Feed With Confidence Awards in 2018, Flanagan has published many photos of her care for her newborn.

In a candid post shared earlier this week, the star said: "I still do not understand why it should be something that moms should do behind closed doors, feeding my baby in public is something that I'm passionate about."

She added: "Together, we can encourage moms to feed with confidence where and when their babies need it."