Heidi Klum, 49, and daughter Leni, 18, pucker up in pajamas after THAT controversial lingerie ad

Heidi Klum and Leni Klum acted like they were kissing again, just weeks after breaking the silence about the backlash that followed their posing together in lingerie while striking similar poses. 

The 49-year-old German-American supermodel and her 18-year-old daughter were seen puckering up for a kiss in an image from their latest Intimissimi campaign released on Tuesday.

The couple did make a change, however. They wore bright red silk pajamas and not lacy lingerie in the snap taken just one month after their controversial ad.

United Front: Heidi Klum and Leni Klum pretend to be in love again, just weeks after breaking the silence about the backlash they received over their posing together in lingerie while striking similar poses for Intimissimi’s Tuesday release

The 49-Year-Old German-American Supermodel And Her 18-Year-Old Daughter Were At The Center Of Controversy Last Month After Their Racy Ad Which Was Called 'Weird' And 'Disturbing'

After their provocative ad, which was called ‘weird and ‘disturbing’, the 49-year old German-American supermodel and her daughter (18 years) were in the news last month.

Heidi wrapped her arm around her oldest child, while her daughter pointed at her lips.

Leni, along with Heidi, addressed the backlash that she received earlier this month for wearing her underwear to the Italian intimate brand.

The teenager who moved from California to New York City recently for college said that she didn’t feel affected by the negative comments made about the campaign.     

She admitted that she didn’t really look at many of the reactions. “I’m overall satisfied with the campaign, and I had an incredible day with my mom.

Mother Daughter Duo: Earlier This Month Leni Addressed The Backlash She Received For Posing In Her Underwear Alongside Mom Heidi For The Italian Intimate Brand

Mother-daughter duo: Leni and Heidi were both criticized earlier this month for wearing their underwear together for the Italian intimate label.

She raved that the photos turned up great and that she had a wonderful time.

Leni insisted she doesn’t ‘pay any attention’ to negative feedback and is grateful to work on a shoot with her mother, who she described as her ‘inspiration.’

“Just the advice she gives, the way that she works, everything about me, I can go on,” the teen stated. Page Six At her mother’s annual Halloween party. She said, “I love shooting alongside her.” 

Controversial: Earlier This Month, Leni Broke Her Silence Over The Backlash She Received For Posing In Lingerie With Her Supermodel Mom Heidi For The Italian Brand

Controversial. The 18-year-old who recently moved from California into New York City to attend college said that the criticisms of the campaign didn’t affect her opinion about the photo shoot.

'I Honestly Didn'T Look At A Lot Of The Reactions,' Leni Admitted. 'I Am Overall Happy With The Campaign And I Had An Amazing Day With My Mom'

She admitted that she didn’t really look at many of the reactions. “I’m overall satisfied with the campaign, and I had an incredible day with my mom.”

Proud: Additionally, She Raved That She Thought 'The Photos Turned Out Great' And She 'Had An Amazing Time'

Proud: She also raved about how she thought the photos turned out fantastic and that she had an “amazing time”

Earlier this month, Howard Stern branded the mother daughter lingerie campaign inappropriate on his SiriusXM show. 

‘I looked at it and I thought, ‘This is so f**king’ out of line. It is very inappropriate. He said, “But you can’t help but look at it.” 

The radio and television host continued, “It seems like a man’s house.” [personal] fantasy. They kiss and hold each other. And they are frolicking. 

Dynamic Duo! Leni Insisted She Doesn'T 'Pay Any Attention' To Negative Feedback And Is Grateful To Work On A Shoot With Her Mother, Who She Described As Her 'Inspiration'

Dynamic duo Leni said she doesn’t pay any attention to negative feedback, and was grateful to have worked with her mother on a shoot. She described her mother as her inspiration’.

Social media users also commented on the shoot, calling it ‘icky’. One Twitter user said that sexualizing a daughter once they become legal was strange.

Another tweeted, “I wouldn’t model sexy lingerie with mom,”

Others however pointed out that the campaign had been ‘classy’, and that the underwear was more covered than most bathing suits. 

'Just The Advice She Gives Me, The Way She Works, Everything About Her, I Can Go On And On,' The Teen Told Page Six At Her Mom'S Annual Halloween Party. 'I Love Shooting With Her'

 The teen shared her thoughts with Page Six about the advice she gave her and her work ethic. I love shooting with them’

Supermodel Genes: Leni'S Biological Father Is Heidi'S Ex, Flavio Briatore. However, Singer Seal, Legally Adopted Her In 2009 After Tying The Knot With The Making The Cut Star In 2005

Supermodel genes: Leni has Flavio Briatore as her biological father. After marrying the Making The Cut star in 2005, Seal legally adopted Leni in 2009.

‘Her daughter is 18…legal…they’re both GORGEOUS & the only reason for the negative comments is 100% pure jealousy!’ An Instagram fan posted a picture of the pair.

Hayo in Los Angeles directed the Intimissimi campaign, which was launched October 10. 

Flaviobriatore is Leni’s biological father. Seal adopted Leni legally in 2009, after they tied the knot in 2005.

Odd Reaction: Earlier This Month, Howard Stern Branded The Mother Daughter Lingerie Campaign Inappropriate On His Siriusxm Show

Odd reaction. Howard Stern, who hosts SiriusXM, criticized the mother-daughter campaign for lingerie earlier this month. 

The Italian Lingerie Brand Describes The Shoot As A 'Story Of Self-Confidence, Joy Of Life And Love Between A Mother And A Daughter'

The shoot was described by the Italian lingerie brand as a “story of self confidence, joy of living and love between a mother’s daughter”

After Heidi divorced after seven years of marriage. The finalization was made in 2014, two years later.

Her Daughter has followed her mother’s footsteps in modeling and made quite a name for herself.

She Recently, she was featured on the cover of Hunger magazine and also in Vogue Germany and Glamour Germany. She also walked in Milan Fashion Week last year.

This social media celebrity, with 1.5 million Instagram followers, moved to New York City recently to start her first year at college.

Ageless: Heidi, Sporting Her Signature Dirty Blonde Locks And Wispy Fringe, Drew Attention To Her Sultry Brown Eyes And Slapped On A Classic Nude Lip

Ageless: Heidi wore her signature dark blonde hair and wispy fringe. Heidi also drew attention with her deep brown eyes and classic nude lips.

Stunning: Leni And Heidi Stunned As They Showed Off Their Sweet Sides For The Camera

Amazing: Heidi and Leni stunned the cameras with their adorable faces for the camera

Heidi talked about her feelings about being far from her daughter during a recent interview for The Late Late Show with James Cordon.

America’s Got Talent judge, ‘It is so sad. She said, “She just moved in this weekend, and she calls me.” She usually picks up, but after three, four, or more hours, nothing.

“And already, my mind is going “Where is her?” I don’t know what she is doing. Is she not answering the question? Heidi explained that the worrying was already starting.

According to the supermodel, Leni had been calling her every two hours at one time. Heidi laughed and said, “Now, I want the number for the roommate. This will allow me to bug the roommate if he doesn’t pick-up.”

Just Launched: The Intimissimi Campaign Was Directed By Thomas Hayo In Los Angeles And Will Be Launched October 10

 Just launched: The Intimissimi campaign was directed by Thomas Hayo in Los Angeles and will be launched October 10

Good Genes! Her Daughter Has Followed In Her Mother'S Footsteps And Made Quite The Name For Herself In The Modeling World

Good genes! Her Daughter has followed her mother’s footsteps, and is now a well-known model.

Leni spoke to Extra TV about a modeling tip that her mother, Heidi, gave her back when she was just starting out in the industry.

‘SheThe star stated that she was always telling me to have fun.

According to the media personality, her mother and her own style preferences are totally opposite of what they like.

‘She Leni described Heidi’s style as grungy. “I call it oversized…I don’t like wearing tight jeans, so I don’t wear them.”

Following In Her Footsteps: During An Interview Last Year With Extra Tv, Leni Discussed A Modeling Tip She Received From Her Mother, Heidi, When She Started Out In The Industry

Following in her footsteps: During an interview last year with Extra TV, Leni discussed a modeling tip she received from her mother, Heidi, when she started out in the industry

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